King’s Raid – 2020 First Impressions and Thoughts

King's Raid - 2020 First Impressions and Thoughts

“King’s Raid is one of the best RPGs, Stix, you totally have to try it out!”
I know, I tried the game out, albeit briefly at the beginning of this channels life. But you know what? It’s 2020, and we’ve grown a lot since then. So let’s take a look-see now, yeah?

So, we begin King’s Raid with an introduction to the history of the kingdom. The world.
There were bad guys, and the good guys grouped together to defeat the bad guys.
We play as one of the good guys, Kasel, and together with his childhood promised Waifu, Frey, set out to save the world once again.
Along the way we meet a variety of other characters as part of the story, and are capable of recruiting additional characters via normal means in a game like this.

However, as there seems to be a sort of “main cast” of characters, I opted to stick with the original 4-heroes as opposed to swapping any out. Even if I could have potentially lived out my dream of having a babilicious Waifu harem.
These characters, and all subsequent heroes begin with a base form and are advanceable, several times over, into much more powerful units.
This becomes accessible at level 10, then again at level 25, and since I only made it to level 40 by the time I stopped recording, I’m unsure when the next advancement is available.
Yet the exponential growth you receive after advancing them into a greater form makes them incomparable to a lower tier hero, literally doubling their stats after undergoing the transformation.
This makes combat much easier, and there were instances where I genuinely needed stronger characters.

PvP was not one of those instances. PvP was your typical “let your heroes auto-attack for 30 seconds against enemies either vastly more powerful than yourself, or severely weaker than yourself.”

The game has a very deep story, there was more than I could actually bear to read. At a certain point, I opted to skip some scenes purely so I could get back to the bulk of the game.
So if you’re a fan of story like I am, then you’ll probably love King’s Raid.
The story is the means with which you progress through the map and unlock both new features and new areas.
The map itself is pretty much what you’d expect: It’s an over-world map with battles and Chapters to complete. You click to move to the next fight and that’s about all the interaction you get outside of the battles themselves.

Combat is real-time. Your heroes move horizontally and attack periodically, along with the enemies, and when you have enough of the resource to use a skill, you go ahead and click your skill.
This triggers a global cooldown on the skill and resets your resource, requiring you wait seconds to use another ability.
Special effects are pretty good as well, and graphically, overall, King’s Raid is a fantastic looking game.

Overall, this is an RPG I can definitely recommend if you’re a fan of the genre. But the lack of being able to move my character around and explore anything holds it back from being one of my favorite games.

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