Kindred Fates is a Beautiful new Monster Collecting RPG to Rival Pokemon, Temtem

Kindred Fates is a Beautiful new Monster Collecting RPG to Rival Pokemon, Temtem

The last time I looked at this game the funding was at, what, $200,000? Now it’s at almost half a million – maybe more by the time this actually goes live. And it’s no wonder why. If Temtem didn’t fully satiate your Pokemon spin-off thirst, then this may be the game for you.
Kindred Fates is an open world action combat monster collecting RPG with online multiplayer functionality. The aim of the game, or the developers behind the game at least, is to provide players with an old-school experience they no longer get.
A game with a well developed storyline, with antagonists that players can relate to, actual compelling character development and consequences that affect the game.
That’ll be quite a game.. if they can pull it off.

From what’s been shown in the trailers thus far, there’s quite a lot of land to explore. Or, I guess that’s poor wording. There’s quite a lot of world to explore.
The monsters you’re capable of capturing in-game are referred to as “Kinfolk.” Land Kinfolk are capable of being ridden around the vast open world, while aquatic Kinfolk, like the Seadramon looking serpent allows for exploration via the ocean and furthermore, exploration via the skies through use of your aerial Kinfolk.
This is actually really, really awesome and the animations for all 3-types are surprisingly good considering this is an indie game.

There’s confirmed character creation, allowing for the customization of your character, however specifics pertaining to the amount of customization options has not been revealed.
Interestingly, there’s a housing feature in-game, I’m uncertain of exactly how fleshed out the feature is going to be but from what they’re revealed thus far, you’re capable of planting a garden, upgrading the size, interior, and are able to craft and upgrade items.
Additionally, your home acts as kind of like a “respawn point” where you end up if you bite off more than you can chew. You’re not limited to one single home though, with several homes, and varying styles of homes available for purchase across various towns spread across the region.
Yup – while the trailer itself doesn’t showcase much in the way of other characters, or the towns themselves, it is confirmed to have various towns to explore, buy items from and who knows what else.

Much like Pokemon and Temtem, Kindred Fates employs a Gym-like system, where players tackle Guilds – consisting of platoon members, tacticians, and the guild leader themself. While they act similarly to Gym leaders, it’s worth noting that you can actually join any of the Guilds around the world.
However, the price of admission is different for each Gym, with some requiring you beat certain enemies, and others requiring puzzle solving.
Since their stretch goal was met for Guilds, it seems as though at one point in the game you’re even going to be able to set up your own guild, recruit members and design the interior just like your house.
Speaking of recruiting members, in place of the breeding feature found in Pokemon games, Kindred Fates has opted for a more in-depth recruitment system.
After joining or creating your own guild, players can choose to have party members go off in search of other Kinfolk that might be interested in joining your team.
Upon successfully finding a Kinfolk, the current one will essentially “mentor” the new Kinfolk, in essence passing down base statistics and known moves to the new creature.

I mentioned earlier that your home acted like a “checkpoint” of sorts, but you’re also capable of setting up unique “campsites” around the world – anywhere, actually, provided you’re not in combat. This can be used in place of your home, which is useful if you’re quite a ways away.

Speaking of combat, I can’t believe I actually neglected to talk about it up ’til this point. My bad! So if the trailer didn’t already clue you in, the game is a real-time action game.
Combat puts players in direct control of their Kinfolk in a real-time third-person mode, allowing for players to dodge in real-time, aim, predict enemy movements and attacks, and use attacks on your own.
This is something I’ve been waiting for a Pokemon or Pokemon inspired game to do, and it looks incredible.
I’m unsure of exactly how many attacks your Kinfolk will have access to but the combat is going to require skill and planning, especially when it comes to fighting at a type disadvantage.
Yes, there are types in Kindred Fates, naturally. Each type has their own unique style of play and is countered by another type.
Unlike Pokemon though, if your Kinfolk dies during combat, instead of fainting, it ends up as a “soul.” You’re required to pick the soul up in time, otherwise the Kinfolk will die and be gone forever.
This adds a certain.. finite nature to the game, and means fighting enemies higher level than you could lead to disastrous results.

Currently, there are online features being worked on such as an online PvP mode, and the ability to trade Kinfolk amongst people in your Friends List.

And that’s it – that’s the game and everything that’s currently known about it. It looks.. really damn good. As a huge Pokemon fan, I’m going to be there to play this as soon as it launches – whenever it launches.
There’s no ETA on that yet, but I’ll definitely keep everyone updated when more info is revealed. Having invested over 60 hours in Temtem so far, I’m excited to try Kindred Fates out whenever they go into Alpha testing.
Here’s hoping they provide me a key so I can make a more detailed, dedicated video on the game ahead of its launch.

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