Izanagi Online Game Review

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Alternate Title: Izanagi: Samurai Ninja Online
Developer: Asobimo, Inc.
Publisher: Asobimo, Inc.
Model: Free-to-play
Platform: Mobile/Android/iOS

Izanagi Online Review - Is It Worth Playing?

Izanagi Online is a mobile MMORPG set in a post apocalyptic world over run with demons and ninja’s-you being one of them. Izanagi Online is a relatively unique MMO, being based on a Ninja and Samurai theme specifically- something you won’t encounter in any other MMORP, really. Izanagi Online’s combat is a mix between traditional point and click and action combat, which is a tad surprising, considering it’s a Mobile MMORPG. The customization and classes are quite basic, and there aren’t really all that many options while creating your character to set yourself apart from the rest of the playerbase – something that is somewhat disappointing. However, what Izanagi Online lacks in customization it more than makes up for with its fast, hybrid action combat. The world is also quite expansive with plenty to explore as you double jump around the regions finding hidden areas and challenging enemies.

Operating System: Android 2.3 or later, iOS 6.0 or later
RAM: 1 GB or More

Operating System: Android 2.3 or later, iOS 6.0 or later
RAM: 2 GB or More

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