It Gets Worse.. The SoulWorker NFT Scam

It Gets Worse.. The SoulWorker NFT Scam

Ahhahaha – I – I oh god. I can’t. I can’t breathe.
The scam NFT Soul Reborn – who stole assets from SoulWorker and illegally turned them into NFTs, made a Tweet telling people to “be careful” as there were “pirated versions” of Soul Reborn’s NFTs on the market.
This guy stole something, illegally redistributed it, and is complaining that other people have stolen his stolen assets, and are redistributing his redistributed stolen assets as NFTs.
Please help. I’m dying. Oh god.

Today, I want to discuss the evolving conflict between SoulWorker and the illegal Soul Reborn. So last week I covered the NFT “Soul Reborn,” that reportedly stole assets from the Anime MMO SoulWorker and went on to repeatedly claim they had acquired legal rights to not only develop the SoulWorker intellectual property, but also distribute it in whatever form they wanted.

The official rights holder, Lion Games, announced via their Twitter account that Soul Reborn was stealing the intellectual property of SoulWorker without permission, and urged players to avoid the NFT to prevent damages, further going on to confirm that they were taking strong legal action.


The Soul Reborn NFT responded with a Tweet confirming that they had “purchase the intellectual property of SoulWorker through legal channels and signed the documents,” even going as far as to claim they were going to sue players, and Lion Games – the legitimate rights holders themselves for defamation.
Soul Reborn promptly deleted their initial Tweet so the discussion wouldn’t be visible to their audience. However, the official SoulWorker Steam account and other users continued to leave comments on additional Tweets made by Soul Reborn, which garnered a copy-pasted response.


The SoulWorker Twitter responded to Soul Reborn by stating that if their contract had been officially made, they required their documentation to be sent to the official Lion Games email. “As being qualified for IP holder, we have not officially made any contracts concerning the program called Soul Reborn.
Tell us who are involved with the legal channels and documents you are insisting with.”
“As being informed above, we are here to warn you to stop unauthorized advertisement. Any unauthorized abuses will be legally reported, and Lion Games will take solid action against all violations of our rights.”


After receiving no response from Soul Reborn other than a simply “ok,” the Steam SoulWorker account made 2 Tweet’s of their own.
Announcement on illegal NFT related to unauthorized use of SoulWorker IP – Hello everyone, this is SoulWorker. At present, we have confirmed that some companies have stolen SoulWorker IP without authorization, conducted NFT business with [Soul Reborn], and obtained illegitimate benefits.
In order to prevent further losses, this notice is hereby notified. Because the above game was developed without a formal contract (or license) signed with [Lion Games]; Therefore, please do not register, or promote the above website, in order to avoid related damages.
Lion Games will take tough legal measures and countermeasures against illegal profiteers, please pay special attention.”


Then as I noted earlier, ironically, Soul Reborn made 2 Tweets recently, the first of which went on to claim that there were “pirated version of Soul Reborn NFT’s on the market,” urging their players not to buy into the scam – which is honestly the most laughable thing I’ve ever seen in my life.
A scam NFT that stole assets from a legitimate game, telling players there are NFT’s stealing assets from an illegitimate NFT? You can’t make this stuff up.


Their second Tweet went on to address their licensing of the SoulWorker intellectual property, with a post made over on Medium titled “Statement on IP licensing.”
“The Soul Reborn team would like to make a solemn statement in response to some recent inappropriate allegations and threats. (allegations and threats made by the legitimate rights holders, I want to quickly note.)
Soul Reborn is officially licensed by Soul Worker Korea IP to develop mobile games end and computer games, all data of Soul Reborn including NFT and AR-NFT are currently running in the games developed by the current license, and there are no false allegations such as infringement.
We would like to warn you that there are negative influences on the internet and attacks on Soul Reborn’s telegram group and twitter account.
Since the launch of Soul Reborn, the NFT product has been selling well and has received a lot of attention and popularity from users, and has contributed to the evolution of traditional handheld games. We always hope to solve the problem through peaceful means, but in the face of false accusations, we will take legal action.”


Well, that’s what the edited post states, anyway. As you can tell by the plethora of comments left on their Tweet, they altered their Medium post to remove an instance where they promised to provide irrefutable proof that they do in fact own rights to the SoulWorker intellectual property.
I guess they probably shouldn’t make promises they can’t keep, right?


Official SoulWorker staff and users have repeatedly requested Soul Reborn to show any type of legal documentation proving they do in fact have rights to operate their game and NFT, but Soul Reborn have repeatedly acted unprofessionally, discourteously, and unbefitting of an entity they claim to be.
But then again, as I noted in my last video, it’s highly likely the guy running Soul Reborn either bought a fake already established Twitter account to seem “legitimate,” or has since gone on to purchase tens of thousands of Twitter followers because we all know “larger accounts look more legit.”

I’m surprised the Soul Reborn Twitter account is still functional. Although I honestly don’t expect it to be for too much longer, given Lion Games’ stance on the matter.

I can’t believe we live in a society where things of this nature are becoming commonplace. When I thought about the future of gaming 5 years ago, this is not where I expected to see the genre go, but hey, welcome to the future, right?

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