Istaria – The Most Boring MMORPG Ever!

I don’t really have a lot of words for this MMORPG, It was recommended to us by our lovely Byte community, so we thought we’d check it out and well.. the title kind of says it all. Now I’m not saying it might not get better if we continued to play it but, it’s just to bad.. for us at least.

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    angelo says:
    hello! may i have some free key?...
  • author image
    Robert says:
    I'd love to get a key ♥...
  • author image
    george says:
    praise jesus maybe i win the key...
  • author image
    Hugo Soto says:
    Been waiting for this game for a long time, can’t wait the play!...
  • author image
    Mark Mccoy says:
    Ahhhhhhhhhh! So pumped I can’t explain been looking forward since I first see. It! I can’t belie...