Is Neowiz Shutting Bless Online Down?

Is Bless Online Shutting Down?

Neowiz, the developers and self-publishers of Bless Online in the West have recently announced that they will be dissolving their Bless Online studio, “Neowiz Bless Studio”, the studio that has up to this point been tasked with handling the game over here in the Western market.
According to Neowiz, the reason for the dissolution is merely due to the company wanting to “enhance management efficiency and corporate value.” While Neowiz Bless Studio will be dissolved, the team itself will actually be merged back into the larger Neowiz company.
Many people have been speculating that due to their partnership with Bandai Namco and the subsequent release of their new Bless Unleashed XBox One exclusive title later this year Neowiz are actually attempting to remove as many connections and references to both Neowiz and Bless Online as possible.
Is that because they’re scared it could harm the success of Bless Unleashed once it launches? Who knows. But seeing that Bless Online has a concurrent player peak of 450, having dropped over 90% since it went free-to-play does not bode well for the game at all.
Especially since Neowiz are intent on making sure there is a bare minimum skeleton crew maintaining the game.
Regardless, it is impossible, at least at this juncture to guage exactly what kind of effect this dissolution will have on the game overall, but Neowiz are not a company that should be trusted.

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