Is Moonlight Blade Coming to NA/EU in 2020/2021?

Is Moonlight Blade Coming in 2020/2021?

Back in January 2017 I did my very first video on Moonlight Blade where I went on to discuss the North American and European release announcement of the game by Nexon. Today, I want to follow up on that announcement by talking about where the game is currently and if we can expect any kind of release outside of Asia going into the future.

So back in January 2017 Tencent made the announcement that they were not only releasing a brand new race to the game in the form of smaller Humans, but that the game was also going to be leaving China.
More specifically, they mentioned that an “English server” was coming soon, with Korean, Taiwanese, European and North American translations all concurrently being in the works.
This was reassuring for players since it came right from the developers themselves. “But Stix, it’s already almost half way through 2020. They made that announcement 3 and a half years ago!” I know, I do.
Honestly, the game is already showing its age and it’s only 5 years old.

It was announced at the time that Nexon was going to be publishing Moonlight Blade within South Korea, with no confirmed publisher for North America or Europe.. until August 2018, when Nexon released their 2nd Quarter 2018 financial report.
People were expecting an update on the South Korean release of the game ’cause, obviously, with them publishing in South Korea it’s a given at this point, but were surprised to see that Nexon had plans of releasing Moonlight Blade on PC in “North America and the rest of the world.”
I actually did a video on this in 2018 as well talking about Nexon’s confirmation of the game coming to North America, and players were ecstatic.

Then another year went by with no additional news from Nexon pertaining to the game. Then Nexon caught everyone off guard by cancelling one of the most highly anticipated upcoming MMOs in years: Peria Chronicles.
After having invested almost $10 million dollars into the game and over 8 years worth of development they decided it was no longer worth pursuing.

That wasn’t the end of their cancelled titles, though. Another game that had piqued player interest when it was announced in 2016, Project DH – Nexon’s take on making a more MMO-esque version of Monster Hunter was shut down later in 2019.
These games along with various mobile titles and entire studios were shut down, cancelled or restructured to help “the company thrive.” Yet even so, there was no mention of Moonlight Blade, neither in 2019, nor in the list of cancelled titles for 2020.
Moonlight Blade itself was evidently absent from the selection of games that Nexon was planning on releasing over the course of the year though, with various new additions including Project BBQ, Project V4, KurtzPel and others within South Korea, and no mention of any PC MMOs for North America and the rest of the world.

Taking a look at their upcoming games scheduled to release during 2020 shows no sign of the game either.
Moonlight Blade released back in China in 2015, Taiwan in 2018, South Korea in 2018 yet almost half way through 2020 and we still have no mention of the game releasing anywhere outside of the regions mentioned initially.. minus North America and Europe.
While I’m sure Nexon are still dealing with the issues concerning their restructuring, it’s definitely safe to say that Moonlight Blade has an uncertain future over here right now.
I’m sure after investing so much money into the game they’d love to release it over here to milk it for as much as they possibly can, but at the same time, Nexon are notorious for dragging their feet with releases and subsequently shutting games down or cancelling them before they’re even ready to release.
Honestly I don’t even know how they manage to show yearly profits with how poorly they manage their games, but I guess that’s why they’ve had so much internal restructuring going on lately.

I know this isn’t necessarily the news you were hoping for – but I figured after not having updates for so long I might as well discuss the game and its likelihood of releasing in English.
If we never see Moonlight Blade, then there’s always Justice Online, right?

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    xelied Reply
    Jul 20, 2020 @ 1:00 am

    i hate them for that, i was expecting that game so much… i wanted to play since it got realease in korea. (and i dont want to play in korean or jap or anything else) soooo… guess im fucked

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