Is Inferna a One of the Worst MMORPGs on Steam?

Is Inferna a One of the Worst MMORPGs on Steam?

Okay, so you might have seen the title and thought to yourself “there’s no way Inferna is the worst MMORPG on Steam!” And you’re right, it isn’t.
I saw that it wasn’t rated very well, and honestly, I wanted to go into this from the perspective of it being a bad MMO. That way I could make a fun video in a series of bad MMOs I’ve done over the years.

But after playing for a few hours, while the game definitely had its issues – it wasn’t bad at all. Rough? Yes, 100%. Clunky? Beyond a shadow of a doubt. But it has a lot of room for improvement, and has a community of players that genuinely seem to enjoy playing it.

Inferna is a free-to-play open-world MMORPG, meaning you can download and play it right now if you’re interested. It utilizes a hybrid action tab-target combat system, with spacebar allowing you to unload a barrage of melee strikes onto your enemy, and abilities set to keys on your hotbar requiring a target.
Honestly? It felt like an old MMO from the mid-2000s. There was a lot of grinding involved. Quests were locked behind levels, and didn’t provide enough XP to get you to a level appropriate for a smooth transition throughout the game.
But I’m well aware grindy games like this definitely cater to a certain demographic. Just because I don’t necessarily fit that demographic doesn’t make the game inherently bad. It just means it’s probably not for me long-term.
Graphically, the game doesn’t look bad. It doesn’t look like a game released in 2019, but I’ve seen much worse titles out there. Character models also look pretty good considering.
Animations definitely needed work as they felt slow and clunky, and the UI definitely needs some improvement, but otherwise, I feel as though this is just an unfinished MMO. Not a bad MMO by any means, but one that is just incomplete.

I hope the developers behind the game can complete this one day, and I appreciate everyone, including several members of their community joining me as I tested the game out.

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