Is ArcheAge Dead? – Seeing If This Once Great MMORPG Is Worth Playing!

So today I’ll be going through all the starting areas in ArcheAge
to see whether or not it really is a dead MMORPG like people say it is.
Now while ArcheAge may have a flourishing endgame I can’t say, but if an MMORPG doesn’t continue to have new players.

So yeah, hopefully this shows how populated (the early zones) are in ArcheAge.

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    Thank you Megan! We look forward to getting in-game with everyone in May!...
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    I've watched almost all of your Bless streams. I very much enjoy your sense of humor and your abilit...
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    david trabucco says:
    gotta love posting a review but not even tell people WHERE and Who its from....
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    Kritika Online is now available Free to Play from EnMasse: