Iron Saga: Battle Mech – 2020 First Impressions and Thoughts

Iron Saga: Battle Mech - 2020 First Impressions and Thoughts

Alright, you guys requested I take a look at Iron Saga – Battle Mech, and I’ll admit, I was definitely not disappointed.
Iron Saga – right off the bat is a treat to my ears. The soundtrack is composed by Sawano Hiroyuki – yes, the very same composer for Guilty Crown, Attack on Titan, Kill la Kill, Seven Deadly Sins, Xenoblade Chronicles, and.. so much more.
Interestingly worth noting is that directly from the title screen we’re capable of “changing cover’s,” allowing us to not only change the image in the background, but also the track being played. Which is really, really damn cool.

But I digress.
You begin being able to select 3 “favorite pilots,” although I never received any of the 3 in my playthrough so I’m not entirely certain what selecting one does.
You’re then shown a cutscene of a bunch of women looking for.. another woman. That’s about as elaborative as it gets.
And then we’re thrown into some tutorial battles where they show us how to recruit new pilots, how to go about selecting party members, and how to go about equipping Mech’s onto your pilots.
Because – well, actually, the majority of the game, much like many mobile titles takes place solely around combat.
The combat in Iron Saga is, interestingly enough, very unique. It’s kind of like a SHMUP, but at the same time, you don’t have direct control over your pilots.
You have the freedom to move them around, but they mostly move on their own, and utilize their abilities on their own as well.
I found the combat to be a very interesting blend of both auto and manual control, albeit the combat was a little chaotic at times when there were 30 to 40 units on screen at once and I couldn’t tell which of the mechs were mine and which were the enemies.

The game functions much like any other Gacha RPG though.
You have a Chapter-based world map, you move through the game completing Chapter by Chapter, with most of the Chapters being accompanied by story and cutscenes, along with new characters and new environments.
After completing each story, you move on to the next one which has a focus on different characters. All the while recruiting new pilots from the local cafe – and holy mother of god don’t get me started on the NPCs there. Do they know how to suck us in or what? Lord have mercy.
Unfortunately I could only recruit a single pilot for free, but I’m hoping they aren’t too difficult to unlock and recruit, as a game like this – where the combat is as fun as it is and the pilots, and graphics are as good as they are would otherwise be ruined.
I will admit that there were an unusually large amount of women characters in-game, more so than I’d expected there to be.
The main pilot is a male, and I encountered at least one other guy in my time recording, but.. and I’m not complaining about this here, but there’s a ton of females. Like, wow.

Overall, Iron Saga – from what I played, is a very interesting RPG released at the end of 2019.
It has very unique combat from what I’ve played in the mobile genre over the last year and has gorgeous Waifu’s to collect.

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