In Other News.. Astellia is Shutting Down

Astellia Online is an MMO that never really took off. Partly due to the fact that it just didn’t really do anything to capture the attention of the MMO playerbase, and partly due to the fact that at the end of the day, it was another cheap, copy>paste Korean MMO grinder.

So you can imagine players’ surprise to learn that Bless Unleashed, which is a largely reviled MMO with almost no anticipation managed to launch to almost 50 times the active playerbase of Astellia. Even Astellia Royal, which was a free alternative to the premium Astellia Online title only ever averaged less than 1,000 concurrent players, whereas Bless Unleashed had at its peak 76,000. Even PSO2 New Genesis had over 50,000 via Steam alone.

With this knowledge, the developers behind Astellia have confirmed that as of October 18th, the entire Astellia service, pertaining to Astellia Online, Astellia Royal and even their Astellia website will be shutting down.
There will be nothing left of the Astellia IP anywhere online. While it’s unfortunate to see the closure of an MMO, this game has been dead for months now, with less than 10 people logging in to play it each day, so it was only natural this would happen.

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