Icarus M: The Sequel to Riders of Icarus!

Icarus M: The Sequel to Riders of Icarus!

You’ve all played Riders of Icarus, right? I’ve done multiple videos on the MMO over the years and it was actually one of Mrs Stix’s favorite games due to the unique monster-capture mechanics present.
Well, today we’re gonna be talking about the brand new Icarus M MMO: Riders of Icarus.. on mobile devices. This is based on the PC MMO, featuring a large world to explore with plenty of monsters to not only capture, but to also raise. Coupled with both land and aerial gameplay, this provides more than your average mobile MMO.

While downloading and updating, you’re given the option of practicing the monster-capture mechanics, and that’s where I started. Admittedly I was not very good at it though, as my hand-to-eye coordination on a screen as small as my mobile device definitely isn’t what it once was when I was younger.
After everything successfully updated, I got to see the selection of classes. Gladiator, Ranger, Assassin, Wizard and Artist. After selecting your class, you’re given the ability create your character.
You can change your face shape from a selection of different presets, your hairstyle, hair color, skin, eyebrow, lip and iris color. Honestly, the character models present in-game are very aesthetically appealing. So if anything – you have a damn good looking character to watch run around.

After you create your character, you’re thrown into the game with an introductory cutscene, then given the freedom to run around, kill monsters and begin your journey to become the very best like no-one ever was.
And let me tell you, much like its PC counterpart, Icarus M makes extensive use of its creature-taming system, having you tame a plethora of different monsters right from the beginning of the game.
Some of these monsters are mounts, that you can ride on – that you can fly on. Others are normal monster-pets that act as your familiar. These are capable of being leveled and powered up to become much more menacing partners.

Speaking of flying, though, yeah – no joke, not only can you fly around on the ground, increasing your movement speed exponentially, but you can also ascend into the skies as well, reaching new heights! Literally and figuratively!
This provides you a variety of different ways to not only explore the game world that you’re now existing in, but also another reason to go out and begin taming monsters.
You’re not just limited to flying though – you’re also capable of doing battle while riding your trusty steed. Yeah, no kidding. Take to the skies and begin assailing your enemies with a barrage of… whatever weapon you have equipped.
I don’t see aerial combat in very many games. I’m not sure why, honestly, as this is a feature I’ve always loved in my MMOs. I feel that restricting us to the ground is always a step backwards, and I’m glad both Riders of Icarus and Icarus M provide the ability to transcend those bonds.

But since we’re talking about flying and combat within the air.. how is the combat? Honestly, the special effects for your abilities look pretty flashy and the combat is about what you’d expect.
I didn’t play a melee class so I’m incapable of giving my input on that aspect of the gameplay, but I did play a mage and I can say that I definitely enjoyed keeping my distance and lighting my enemies up before they ever made it to me.
You have a selection of abilities to learn and you can bind them to your scroll-wheel, leveling and upgrading them to further increase the overall potency.

I played Icarus M until, what.. level 40 I think by the time I finished my recording for the game? And I got to experience quite a bit of what the game had to offer on the way there.
I played through some really beautiful areas. Both riding around on land or soaring through the skies – the environments I got to play through all looked fantastic.
I was surprised to see that the game looked as good as it did, actually. The combat – the skill effects specifically looked good and there was plenty to do.

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