Hunter’s Arena: Legends – Early Access Impressions

Hunter's Arena: Legends - Early Access Impressions

Hey guys, this is Mrs Stix taking a look at Hunter’s Arena: Legends today.
This isn’t the first time we’ve delved into the world that is Hunter’s Arena. This is our third, maybe fourth look into the game and as such I feel as though we’re uniquely qualified to touch on the game ahead of its Early Access launch on July 15th as a buy to play title.
Hunter’s Arena: Legends is a unique PvPvE Battle Royale, that features 60 players, pitted against one another in a brutal struggle to survive not only the wilderness and the dangers that lurk within it, but also other players.
Well, most players. You get a few that don’t fully grasp the concept of the game and run at your full 3-man group as a level 1 newbie all by their lonesome. But most of the time you need to be weary of other players!

To start things off there are currently four game modes and I was able to participate in three of them as one of them is still not yet available in the stress test.
The first one that you can participate in is the solo battle royale mode. You’re forced to go out into the world on your own and battle your way through hundreds of monsters to level up and gather various gear and loot.
And if you’re feeling spunky like I did, go into a dungeon and gobble up that delicious xp and get the creme of the crop gear and boosts so you can release the final smack down upon your foes.
All the while, the walls of the arena are closing in on you, and if you’re familiar with a battle royale mode, don’t get caught outside the wall or you’ll find yourself dying to your own stupidity.
I’m not saying I did this or anything, but sometimes you live and learn….and then die because you learned the hard way. The goal is to be the final one standing, and of course reach level 20 so you can unlock your ultimate skill.

But if doing this alone doesn’t sound challenging enough for you, you can go into the trio battle royale where three of you must face off against groups of other players. Being a fan of mostly multiplayer games I know that the biggest challenge lies in having to not only rely on, but to also work with other players.
I can’t tell you how many times my teammates just left me to die against other players. Or how often I’d be in a group with an AFK party member. Or had someone that refused to group up at all. Or.. okay, I’ll go ahead and stop myself there.
You can, of course, use the mic system to communicate but there only seems to be open world mic from what I can tell. This has, admittedly, left me in a few highly entertaining situations where I hear people screaming or fighting over comms.
The unique thing about trio is that if you or a teammate dies, you can take their soul to a resurrection point and revive them, for a price of course, to continue the fight alongside you!

But if you’re more into doing things on your own but want to choose between multiple characters, you can go into a tag match which allows you to choose two different characters and face off against another player in an arena.
Be careful though, because you can be Spartan kicked off the edge in this mode. The only game mode I have yet to try as it’s not available at this moment is the Free for all where you’re pitted up against three other hunters to see who’s the top dog.

Overall when you’re playing, I’d be mindful to find out what characters you think work best for you as each one has different skills and ranges of attack.
There are a total of twelve characters with the twelfth one not yet available in the stress test, Yoongeon is their newly added blade master and I’m looking forward to trying him out.
I had to take a character that was new to me out for a test run, Gyeonjo, I think he’s a Gorilla but the tail is kinda throwing me off. But I’ll always go back to my bae Mimi. She got me through many bad situations in previous beta tests.

I think I’ve been playing her for the last three times I’ve gone into Hunter’s Arena. But as you go along, you’ll acquire ways of purchasing varying skins, emotes, and victory poses.
And as you continue to not only accumulate wins but also level, you’ll have additional ways of unlocking more mastery skills which includes upping your HP overall, monster kill xp gained, and finally weapon attack power.

I’ll be curious to see how these come into play when facing off against others with more hours played than myself.

So far I’m having a blast going in and seeing how I fare against other more experienced players and also fighting monsters in the world. The game makes use of a very responsive action combat system that has shown substantial improvement over the various stages of development Stix and I have played.
Overall, it’s a nice hodge-podge of various things I like in games, but that’s just my opinion.

What do you guys think? Are you excited for Early Access? What aspect of the game are you most interested in? Anyway, I hope to see you all next time when I take a look at the game once it releases! Bai for now!

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