Hundred Soul is a Beautiful New RPG

Hundred Soul is a Beautiful New RPG

Okay so before I delve into today’s game I want to preface this by stating that this game looks and plays incredibly well. I understand why I got repeated requests in the comment section to play through it.
So, the game unfortunately starts you off with a lengthy tutorial. You know, in case you didn’t know how to move your character forward or in the off chance you weren’t aware what the skill icons were down the bottom right of the screen.
After making your way through that, you’re greeted by a beautifully rendered cutscene that almost makes up for the devs thinking we’re inept.

We have a very basic character creator: Some of the options make you look like a dude out of a Korean boy band while the female options are.. pretty much what you’d expect out of a South Korean game.
You have a few different presets to choose between, a few different hair colors and then you’re off on your journey.. or so you’d think, but you’re actually forced into another tutorial.
And more cutscenes. And more tutorial. And then this hot brunette appears to save us from one of the monsters out of a God Eater game, and then we’re finally kind of given access to the game?

Yup, finally I was given the freedom to explore the game, to recruit, upgrade, you know, typically what you do in games like these. And none of this was done without its own individual tutorial, mind you!
But I pushed ever onward, because the game, once again, looks incredibly gorgeous, and the combat, man.
Not only was the combat incredibly fluid to utilize, but it looked and felt so high quality. Even the character animations while running around looked incredible.
While at its core this is just another basic RPG with a pretty generic story, the gameplay itself provides so much enjoyment and I know this is an integral aspect of longevity for a game.

As I mentioned, the game was pretty basic. You had a map, you took missions from the map, progressing through each area which functioned solely as individual battles with groups of monsters or a boss monster.
After a few maps you’d get some text, the story would advance a little, and then you’d be back to battling. Honestly, this isn’t the type of game I’m typically interested in. I enjoy exploring the world, I enjoy running through towns, talking to NPCs.
But for the kind of game this is – I’ll admit it’s pretty damn good.

And yes, you can most definitely auto-play through the game. There’s a feature you unlock for that after about a half hour or so? It’s useful but against boss monsters you’ll be required to pay a little attention.
I let my character auto-battle a boss and.. well, she died.
So do be cautious!

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