How Uma Musume Stole Genshin Impact’s Crown as the #1 Gacha Game

How Uma Musume Stole Genshin Impact's Crown as the #1 Gacha Game

There’s no denying the monolithic success that Genshin Impact is. I’ve been covering the monthly statistics for Gacha games for the last 4 months now, and the combined Global earnings for Genshin have kept it at the #1 spot with the single exception of one month this entire year. And it stands to reason as to why that is.
But disregarding our personal opinions on the game, were you aware there is actually a Gacha game available right now that makes MORE money in its country of origin than Genshin? I guarantee you didn’t, and this info left Genshin players unable to believe it. Or, rather, unable to accept it.

Genshin Impact makes roughly $90 to $100 million US Dollars per month, with spikes upwards of $120 million and dips down to $80 depending on which Husbando or Waifu is in which banner currently. Roughly 25-30% of those monthly earnings on average are from China — where the game originates from.
As an example, last month Genshin made $35 million dollars within China. With millions of players and millions of downloads. But.. it was actually out-performed by a Japanese title that nobody expected to ever be as popular as it is: Uma Musume. The horse waifu game.
Uma Musume is not a new release, before we go jumping to conclusions that the only reason it’s making so much money is because it just released. On the contrary, it released back in February 2021 — a year and a half ago.
And within Japan alone, with a fraction of Genshin Impact’s playerbase, reach and funding, somehow continues to make more money than it, bringing in $42 million dollars over the last month, $7 million dollars more than Genshin within China.
Genshin Players have been unable to rationalize how this is possible online, decrying the situation and subsequently earnings as fake, claiming Genshin is one of the greatest gifts to mankind, there’s absolutely no way it can be outperformed — let alone by a game that is in an entire different sub-genre.
Yet these earnings continue to be proven real, in May 2022, Uma Musume made $43 million dollars where Genshin made $37 million dollars in China and $33 million dollars Globally.
These statistics are mirrored — not for every month, but a substantial number of them, which goes to show that regionally, Uma Musume is one of the most successful Gacha games right now. Globally? We’ll see once they opt to release it outside of Japan.
But suffice it to say.. Genshin fans are going to try to inhibit its success every step along the way, if what I’ve seen online is anything to go off of.
Instead of being happy the Gacha scene is thriving, they need to take down any form of potential competition. For whatever reason.

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