Gunship Battle: Total Warfare is an Interesting Strategy MMO

Gunship Battle: Total Warfare is an Interesting Strategy MMO

Can an MMO about naval and air battles be entertaining? Let’s take a few minutes and talk about that.

So, Gunship Battle: Total Warfare is a strategy game. You take on the role of a battle-hardened admiral with one goal in mind: Total and absolute dominion over the ocean and everyone that thinks they have a right to it.
This, naturally includes both allied and enemy NPCs along with other players who share the same goals as you. And according to the devs behind the game, there are over 100 million players worldwide.
If that’s the case, you’ve no doubt got your work cut out for you. I mean I do too, but.. I’m me. I excel in situations like this. World domination? Pfft, easy.

So, the game mostly takes place within your own personal base. You can go ahead and build various types of Ships, Jets and other armored units, expand your headquarters, and build up your armada.
See, as the admiral, you’re given the option of creating a variety of different units. Each unit has their own strengths and weaknesses, as one would expect from any kind of strategy game.
So knowing the kind of enemy you’re going to go up against, or at the very least trying to make up for any weak spots in your force is of paramount importance. Going crazy on one type of unit is ill-advised and really will limit your future chances at victory.
While I didn’t really listen to that and kept spamming out Jets, I would like to let you know you should do as I say, not as I do. I do not lead by example, rather, by telling you what I do wrong and not learning from my mistakes.

There’s a lot of micromanaging your headquarters, though.
As your HQ continues to level up, you gain access to new buildings to construct, and subsequently new units to create.
However the buildings in specific aren’t limited to unit production, instead, they allow for the upgrading of not only units, but also the building itself.
To level the HQ, you need to level your buildings and have a certain amount of resources. But at the same time, to level your buildings, your HQ needs to be of an adequate level and again, you require resources.

Since this is an MMO, though, you can bet there’s a ton of group content to be had. I joined an Alliance and set up my base safely amongst my allies so hopefully people target them long before they ever notice me. Or maybe I can just run to them and ask for help.
Yes, I have no issue running away if it means I get to fight another day. Speaking of, yes, other players can attack you and your HQ.
Likewise, you’re capable of attacking other players’ Headquarters, but your units get injured after each encounter. So choosing your battles is important.
I was too low level to engage the majority of players, but I did get to engage in some fun battles.
I feel like after playing this enough I’m going to be capable of going out and commanding our naval forces.

There’s a lot to do in Gunship Battle: Total Warfare.
You have a lot of co-operative potential in the form of Alliance battles, you can both attack and defend your base along with enemy bases if you’re feeling up to it and are really into PvP.
There are plenty of unique units to create, along with lots of buildings to construct. There’s a lot of upgrading, and even more micromanaging of resources and especially your army.
I love strategy games, and being sponsored to mess around controlling my own naval force was kinda cool.
If you’re a fan of these kinds of games, then you might find this fun. I know plenty of people that are into war simulators and there’s definitely plenty to do in-game.
I didn’t get too far, obviously, as it was Christmas and I was pretty caught up in the Holiday madness, but I’ll admit, to answer the opening question.. yes, it seems as though an MMO about naval and air battles can be entertaining.

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