GRAN SAGA Release Date? NPIXEL Debut New Trailer Ahead of 2020 Release

Gran Saga Release Date? NPIXEL Debut New Trailer Ahead of 2020 Release

GRAN SAGA is a brand new upcoming cross-platform MMORPG – just like Genshin Impact.. if Genshin Impact were an MMO as opposed to a multiplayer compatible RPG.
I’ve done a couple videos on it in the past but NPIXEL, the developers behind the game just released a brand new trailer showcasing in-game footage and you know what? We’re gonna go right ahead and watch it.
Before we get into this though, let me quickly preface this by stating that while yes, the bottom of the trailer states it’s mobile footage, Gran Saga is fully cross-play compatible, meaning it’ll also be releasing on PC and possibly consoles.

The new game trailer honestly didn’t showcase nearly as much as I’d hoped, but we got to see more of the character models – or, rather, the character model for Grand Lord Leon.
I know that the majority of this was rendered as a cutscene, but it’s nevertheless pretty impressive to see. The game is shaping up to look really promising, although I would’ve preferred to have seen more of the world and the characters.
As an example, GRAN SAGA is an action MMO, yet we’ve seen all of, maybe a single minute’s worth of actual combat footage spread over the 3 trailers they’ve released thus far.
Granted, I’ll admit that the combat was definitely impressive from what I saw – there are striking similarities to the Tales of Arise JRPG from Bandai Namco and as a Tales of game fan this is right up my alley.
The special effects look fantastic, the combat itself looks very fluid – kind of like an amalgamation of Black Desert, KurtzPel and Tales of Arise.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to see any more of the world, but what we do know is that supposedly the game will feature a completely open world.
During its last trailer we got to see a glimpse of that world, seeing the main character freely run around gigantic open areas, kinda reminding me a lot of Blue Protocol.
One thing I did note in the last trailer was that the world had an interesting “overworld map” form of travel akin to the old Final Fantasy and Tales of games. I don’t know how this is going to work with the “open-world exploration” they’re touting will be present but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

One thing that bothers me about this trailer, and all the previous trailers, is that there seem to be “characters.” Not once have we heard about character customization, nor have we heard anything pertaining to our own character.
Do we get to choose if we’re a male or a female? Will we get to create our character like we normally would in an MMO? These are questions that need answered fast, because if you look at the end of the trailer, NPIXEL are claiming that Gran Saga is still on track to release in 2020.
Yup – so the game is only several months off. And if we do get to create our own character, please, for the love of god, don’t gender-lock the classes. I know you’re a South Korean MMO, GRAN SAGA, but we can do better than that. We can be more!

And that’s pretty much it. This was the brand new trailer – the brand new footage, and this is what we know right now. GRAN SAGA is definitely shaping to be an incredible looking MMO. It’s looking even better than ever, but whether NPIXEL can live up to this is another thing all together.

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