Gran Saga Closed Beta Impressions – This Looks Terrible!

Gran Saga Closed Beta Impressions - This Looks Terrible!

Gran Saga’s Closed Beta is well underway, with many players getting in and recording their gameplay.
I decided I’d take a look at the gameplay – as I didn’t have the opportunity to get into the game myself, mostly for lack of trying. And what I saw was unfortunately very disconcerting for me.

Gran Saga is touted as being a “next generation open-world action MMORPG.” In reality? It looked and felt just like a Mobile MMORPG – with its terrible UI, its poor progression and very mobile-esque features.
The combat seemed about as good as you’d expect out of a Mobile MMO, however it’s worth noting that it looked as though the combat was much less action-oriented than we were lead to believe, and was instead very much a tab-target system, requiring targets for your abilities.
I only saw 2 people out in the world at any given time – or at the very least what I thought were 2 other players. Maybe they were NPCs and I’m just blind, I’m not certain.

Regardless, after watching several different gameplay videos, I can safely say that the majority of my excitement for Gran Saga is gone. I was incredibly excited for the upcoming MMO but this leaves me.. alarmingly cautious of what the end result of the game will be.
Will it be a good Mobile MMO? Probably. Will it be a good PC MMO? Unfortunately I highly doubt that. But the end result might be different to what we see here if enough people create a reason for them to change.
Graphically, the game looks great. It has what is seemingly a solid story, flashy special effects, but other than that.. this is about as generic as you could expect.

This needs to change, or it’ll be dead in the water before even launching internationally.

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