GodsWar Online – The MMORPG You Don’t Even Get To Play

Gods War Online is a very strange, Anime MMORPG. In Gods War you can pretty much let the game auto play itself, from auto-pathing to quest NPC’s to Monster locations, which it’s that bad, as other MMORPGs do the same.. however you can also set yourself to AFK mode, where it’ll fight the monsters for you, use your skills, potions, loot items, everything you would normally do, but without you…

So yeah, it’s not a great MMORPG, it’s not the worst but.. that’s not saying much.

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    angelo says:
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    praise jesus maybe i win the key...
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    Hugo Soto says:
    Been waiting for this game for a long time, can’t wait the play!...
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    Ahhhhhhhhhh! So pumped I can’t explain been looking forward since I first see. It! I can’t belie...