Goddess of Genesis – 2020 First Impressions and Thoughts

Goddess of Genesis - 2020 First Impressions and Thoughts

This is rated 4.6 stars out of almost 60,000 reviews.. and I can definitely see why.
This game, man. I did not expect it to be nearly as good as it ended up being – rarely am I taken by surprise.. and rarely do I begin any of these first looks by talking about how I enjoyed the game before anything else.

So, Goddess of Genesis starts you off with the traditional introduction to the game.
Then you’re greeted with tons of tutorials.. probably more tutorials than I would otherwise like, with almost the entire first Chapter being taken up by tutorials.
After finally obtaining access to the game – not being forced – well, not forced, rather, hand-held through every feature the game has to offer, you’re greeted by not only a very large, expansive story, but also a ton of game to play.
Seriously, this game has quite a bit to do, and quite a few heroes to collect. I only got, what, 12, 13 total from free summons? Enough to make my harem of waifu’s though.. which you guys should’ve already known was coming.
How can a game end up with 60,000 positive reviews if you don’t have the ability to collect a giant harem, right?

Now this game looks really good. Graphically, I haven’t played many mobile games that look as good as this one does.
The character models – both in-battle and out of battle look incredible. The back drops for each battle also look pretty damn good.
Special abilities were very flashy – you know, I actually really like when characters go into that special “skill animation,” where they get their own little scene that plays out as they use their special ability.
Granted I know it can get a little repetitious, especially if you can’t skip it but I feel like it’s a cool little addition.

Combat was turn-based. You’d take a turn, they’d take a turn, rinse and repeat. You’d select your skill from a list of abilities located down the bottom right of the screen, or you could set the game to auto-battle.
I had it set to auto-battle for a while as I was working, but played back and forth in-between breaks. The AI was much better though, much faster than I was admittedly.

The story was also pretty solid. There was story both before and after each mission – and there was quite a lot of it. The game took place about as you’d expect: There were Chapters, and each Chapter had a selection of different Missions you could participate in.
One interesting thing worth noting is that while yes the game was mostly about progressing through the various different Missions and Chapters, there were plenty of these fun little mini-games present to take part in, mini-games that I found to be kind of fun.

Overall, Goddess of Genesis is a beautiful Mobile RPG. It looks great, it has some really good combat, and it has a lot of solid story to play through.
Yes it’s a Gacha game, I’m unsure how good or bad the rates are in-game but honestly, if you tackle Gacha games as just.. a game that you play, rolling and progressing with whatever characters you get.. you’ll have a much better experience, trust me.

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