Girls X Battle 2 – 2020 First Impressions and Thoughts

Girls X Battle 2 - 2020 First Impressions and Thoughts

So I’ve never played any of the Girls X Battle games. I went ahead and Googled around and saw that there were actually several titles in the franchise but this is my introduction to it. Let me start this off by stating that I definitely wasn’t disappointed with my time.
Now interestingly enough Girls X Battle 2 didn’t start me off with any kind of story. Legit, normally when I begin a mobile game I get some kind of introduction to the game via story. You know. “The world was in chaos, but these heroes banded together to vanquish the evil that threatened the land” or something like that.
But nope, nothing. We’re just automatically in our dorm? Or something? And have to recruit a couple girls to participate in.. battles? Or something? Honestly, there’s a ton of story – so much text to sit through it’s unreal.
Like I’m a fan of story, don’t get me wrong, but I skipped half of what was going on purely so I could actually advance the story.

Now this game is pretty interesting. It’s an RPG – an Idle RPG. But what I’ve come to realize is that Idle RPGs are actually normal RPG games but they accumulate items, money and XP while you’re offline.
I always thought that Idle RPGs were games that played themselves and required no input from you – the player. Boy was I wrong!
Regardless of the type of game this is, there are so many things to do. A lot of micromanaging your Waifu’s – dorm rooms, battles, dates. Like, dude, I’ve never had so many things to do in a mobile game before I almost felt this was more of a dating girlfriend management sim with a little combat thrown in.
The game functions like your traditional RPG: There are Chapters, and each chapter has a set number of missions you need to progress through each with their own characters, story and battle.
Battles are just group vs group. There aren’t additional waves of enemies continuing to assail you over the course of the encounter, and admittedly, in the couple hours I played I never really encountered much difficulty.

Combat was pretty much auto. Where in some games you’re capable of clicking through various abilities while the game auto-combats in the background, in Girls X Battle everything is handled with no input or interaction required from you.
Although the combat was definitely incredibly flashy. Each girl had their own unique abilities and they were beautifully animated. But at the same time the combat isn’t the main focus of the game.

While I did enjoy reading through some of the story and seeing the characters’ individual personalities, and I loved the character models – trust me, if anything, this game has some amazing looking waifu’s, I can safely admit that I kinda enjoyed myself playing through it.
Yes this is very different to the normal mobile games I play and enjoy, definitely. However it had something – a little something that just.. held my attention as I continued to level my characters through the course of the game.
And you know what? The Gacha mechanic wasn’t bad – I’d unlocked like.. 30 different girls on day 1 which is pretty damn good in my opinion.

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