Girls’ Frontline 2: Exilium Release Date

Girls' Frontline 2: Exilium Release Date Stream Confirmation?

Man, how long has it been since we’ve heard anything about Girls’ Frontline 2? 6 months? 8? Well, that all ends this month as the devs have confirmed they have something special planned.

Last year the devs behind Girls’ Frontline 2 confirmed that the game – titled Girls’ Frontline 2: Exilium – was releasing Globally. Players were ecstatic, as this meant a fully translated experience. And then… they went radio silent. No news. No updates. Absolutely nothing.
Now don’t get me wrong – I get it. Sometimes you’re busy working on your game and don’t have anything to share for a few months. But over a year without updates, really? That isn’t inspiring a lot of faith in you guys.
As of last week, however, it was confirmed that the devs will be holding a special stream on May 13th at 7PM UTC+8, featuring the 6th year Anniversary for the game Girls’ Frontline.
Additionally, there will be segments dedicated to both Girls’ Frontline 2: Exilium and Project Neural Cloud. New characters, new gameplay modes, and the games’ future – whether that means release dates, overhauls, alterations.
Any hype for the game has died down due to the radio silence, but hopefully this new stream is enough to warrant additional attention from players.
While the game looks absolutely stunning from the trailers we’ve seen so far, I’m genuinely curious to see what form the final product will take.

Girls' Frontline 2: Exilium Release Date?

As of May 2022, it is still unconfirmed when Girls’ Frontline 2: Exilium is releasing. But through this stream we might finally get the confirmation about Girls’ Frontline 2: Exilium’s release date we’ve been waiting for.

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