Genshin Impact: Should we be Concerned?

Genshin Impact: Should we be Concerned?

Alright, you guys know I’ve been hyping up Genshin Impact for a while now. Over a year or more. This is an Anime game that looks incredible, and plays even better. It’s a title that you’re all anticipating while waiting on Blue Protocol.
So with that in mind, I feel it’s my obligation as a content creator, and even more so as someone who brought it to the attention to quite a few of you to talk about this. This is a very controversial topic right now – a topic that I believe you should all know about and I know will trigger quite a few Genshin white knights.
But you know what? Stuff happens.

So a lot of accounts have been banned recently over in China. Many of the bans in specific were warranted – they were buying and selling 5* accounts.
Now if that was it, I feel as though there wouldn’t be much of an issue. But that is far from the end of the situation. More and more players have reported being banned without any participation in activities that could potentially violate the terms of service.
This has triggered a mass of players taking to Reddit, to the official miHoYo forums – emailing customer support directly, seeking to not only vocally express their dissatisfaction with how miHoYo have handled the situation, but to also alert other players that seek to reroll for better results.
For those of you unsure of what rerolling is – because I know a lot of you are PC players that have never dipped their feet into the world of mobile gaming, rerolling involves making additional accounts for the chance to make completely new rolls on their gacha system, for potentially better rewards.
This is a way of circumventing limitations placed on players – which traditionally isn’t an issue. If you want to make a new account, then by all means you should go right ahead and make a new account.

There have been a plethora of screenshots circulated around the web regarding messages between players and customer service representatives, but this one is probably the most shared.


The email asked some pretty simple things, and received a pretty simple response that essentially read: There are no rules that prevent account sharing, but don’t do it. Rerolling will not result in a ban.. but we recommend you not reroll. “We have the right to ban you if we want to though, k?”

This is a terrible stance to take, and their lack of transparency is very troubling. But at the same time.. this is a Chinese game from a Chinese developer, and they’re trying to milk as much money as they can from players.
Players went ahead and compiled a list of things to avoid doing when starting the game, and potentially rerolling if that’s what you want to do to attempt to get the best possible outcome before beginning your journey.
Do not under any circumstance purchase any rerolled 5* accounts. If you do, you run the risk of ending up banned shortly after. Do not trade accounts with friends or family members.
Heck, right now logging into your account from another device holds the chance to trigger a ban. Playing from a different IP has the chance of triggering a ban, so playing from an internet cafe, a friends house, while out with family, on a different wi-fi network all run the risk of triggering an account ban.
Avoid using email providers that aren’t widely known, as lesser-known email providers have proven to trigger an alert. And most importantly – and this has been proven by quite a substantial number of players – play the game. Don’t let your character, or your account idle.
Players, many players have reported their 5* accounts getting banned after not logging into their character for 24 hours or more, as this triggers a false positive resulting in a ban.
I know – this is all ridiculous, and I hope in the long-term it isn’t nearly as heavily enforced, but at the same time if they buckle down on this it promotes more in-game purchases which results in more revenue from the game due to the ridiculous Gacha system in place.

While this isn’t a certainty – that you’ll end up banned from doing any of the above mentioned activities, it definitely raises the chances quite drastically, so why would you risk all that time and effort? I’d advise against it, but that’s just me.

Regardless, the game itself still looks really good, especially if you’re one of the unlucky players that get a 4* or below. They’ve proven they don’t care about us, thankfully. And it comes out in just a few days – at the end of this week if you’re not already aware!

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    Audree Reply
    Oct 12, 2020 @ 22:25 pm

    I’m not so sure about this, since I’m not one of those players who makes 1million accounts then choose the lucky one.. I have been Playing Genshin Impact for weeks now (Never got the chance to try on BETA or something). I more of a free player TBH, and just last night I rolled with the free primosgems and got my 2nd 5 star character Mona… my first was Venti. I rolled around 12midnight – 1am GMT+8 and I am planning to do the same in the future. >.< Goodluck.

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