Genshin Impact: Looking Ahead in May 2020 After the Closed Beta

Genshin Impact: Looking Ahead in May 2020 After the Closed Beta

I’ve been excited for Genshin Impact ever since they first announced it back a year ago. Now that the Closed Beta is over, I feel like it’s about time I do an updated video discussing my thoughts.
So let me get this out of the way first: I’d forgotten to apply for the Closed Beta when it was announced. I know, you can berate me later. I was busy signing up for the Blue Protocol Closed Beta and this slipped my mind!
Nevertheless, a lot of people I know got to participate in it and there have been a plethora of videos uploaded around Youtube discussing and showing off what was available during the Beta test.
Judging from what I’ve seen first-hand and what I’ve heard from friends, this game is shaping up to be competition for any other co-operative game releasing this year, with it potentially being one of the, if not the best looking Anime-inspired release in 2020.

Now, after the Closed Beta ended, Hugh Tsai, the producer for Genshin Impact went on to share a message with fans of the game. In it he revealed some important information:
The first reveal was that Genshin Impact first began development over 3 whole years ago. Yes, while the game was only announced last year, the game had long-since been in development.
The development team itself consists of 500 in-house developers working on the project – which is huge, considering many indie-games are made by a handful of developers. Then he went on to clarify, in his words, that “Genshin Impact is not a massively multiplayer online RPG.”
Instead, “You decide how you want to play — as a single player adventure you experience by yourself or one that you invite others to experience with you whenever you want.”
I’ve mentioned time and time again that Genshin Impact is going to be a co-operative online RPG as opposed to a full-MMO, but when you see how popular games like these have become in recent years it’s no wonder they adopted this model.
This statement is further clarification however that this is not and will not ever be an MMO, instead, if you choose to, after reaching level 16 you can enable a co-op game mode that will allow you to join up with anywhere between 1 and 3 other players to tackle quests, bosses and dungeons.
Player reception has been very positive for a Closed Beta with the vocal majority praising how good the game looks and how impressive it’s combat is.
The most common issue I saw among the community of Beta testers wasn’t how the game looked or played, but rather how much content was readily available.
While some players spent days hitting level 20, taking their time, exploring and enjoying the game, others within the same time-frame managed to make it to level 40 or above and realized that there wasn’t a whole lot of content to do.
Which is natural – this is a Closed Beta test. It’s limited in terms of what it provides its players. You can’t expect them to have a fully-developed game at this point, especially considering we’re not sure how much of the game is even available in the Beta.
Regardless, in response to this, Hugh went on to state that the Genshin Impact team is hard at work making sure there will be a surplus of content for players to partake of when the game finally gets around to launching.
“We’re working on new adventures” and “new ways to play” that include new dungeons, new quests, new features and an entirely new region.
Finally, he went on to state that their main goal with Genshin Impact is making sure it is as “fair” and “friendly” to all players, regardless of if they spend $10 or $10,000.

While Genshin Impact is being built for PC, it is also cross-platform compatible with mobile devices after all and as such the business model means that they’re going to be incorporating a Gacha system in-game, which is probably the only issue I believe people had with the game.
It wasn’t terrible during the Beta test by any means, but I can see it being something that holds a lot of players back from fully enjoying it. Genshin Impact is due out worldwide this year and is slated to release on the PlayStation 4, Switch, PC, iOS, and Android devices.
I’m just as excited as ever for Genshin Impact. Knowing they’re still hard at work adding additional content to the game is definitely refreshing.

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