Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy Players Attack Wuthering Waves

Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy Players Attack Wuthering Waves

This was bound to happen, right? Tower of Fantasy has found some success Globally since launching – and despite its issues with hacking and exploits, it is still a relatively fun game.
But with its success, I’ve noticed a growing number of players comparing other games – like Arknights Endfield and Wuthering Waves to it. Which honestly leaves me wondering why people do this to themselves and the games they want to play. We all know Tower of Fantasy is different to Genshin, and Genshin is different to Breath of the Wild.
Both Arknights Endfield and Wuthering Waves – along with many other upcoming open-world Anime RPGs will be different to Genshin and Tower of Fantasy, and neither game’s success rides on how similar, or dissimilar either game is.

One thread in specific caught my attention over on Reddit, which has the OP asking what Wuthering Waves can do to make sure it doesn’t make the same mistakes Tower of Fantasy has. And I found some of the replies to be interesting.


The top reply was made by someone with an actual brain for a change. Who goes on to note we shouldn’t be comparing an MMO to a non-MMO, something people continue to do every day with Genshin and Tower of Fantasy.


The next highest rated comment is also fairly sensible. “Don’t be published by Perfect World.” – That’s definitely a plus.

“Don’t market it as an X Killer.” That’s probably some of the best advice you can be given. Us labeling each game as the “X game killer” leaves us open for disappointment, and expectations that will just never be met.

“Don’t plagiarize assets and/or the trailer” – well, Kuro Game are definitely pros at making their own, so that isn’t an issue.

And then.. the most interesting thing happened. Something I’m sure a lot of you wouldn’t expect. People began fighting amongst one another. Genshin fans started posting comments about Tower of Fantasy. Tower of Fantasy fans started claiming it’s going to be one of the biggest success stories in years.
And then thread imploded onto itself. What was a thread dedicated to what upcoming games could do different – what they could learn from the mistakes that Tower of Fantasy has made, instead, became a cesspool of hate. Pointing fingers. And copium.
It doesn’t matter whether you think Tower of Fantasy will be as successful, less successful, or more successful than Genshin Impact. If it dies, it dies. If it breaks records, then good for it.

But my god people need to stop A.) Labeling everything as a goddamn clone of something else, B.) Labeling everything as “the next game killer,” and C.) Thinking their opinion is fact, when it isn’t.

What Wuthering Waves can do to make sure it doesn’t make the same mistakes is easy:
Be original. Imitation is one thing, blatant theft is another. Adequately market your game. If you don’t, nobody will know about it. And release your game when you’re ready. Otherwise it’ll be filled with bugs, exploits, hacks and it will die off before it ever has a chance of succeeding.
That’s all they need to learn from Tower of Fantasy’s mistakes.

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