Gate of Chaos – 2020 First Impressions and Thoughts

Gate of Chaos - 2020 First Impressions and Thoughts

So I got this as an ad on Twitter. Or Facebook. Okay, well I got this as an ad when I was browsing a form of social media, and saw “Join us in an amazing new MMORPG” and thought to myself “Oh, a new Mobile MMORPG? Awesome.”
Naturally I went right ahead, downloaded it, installed it, and began to play it..
As this is an MMO we’re instantly greeted with character creation. I saw how good this looked – how many options there were, the ability to customize so many aspects of her body.. except.. her body. Yup, no sliders for the body at all which is probably the most disappointing thing I’ve seen this year.
But I ended up creating a pretty sick looking character nonetheless. I probably would’ve went with something with a little more.. Iunno, bounce? Personally, but we make do with what we got.

We then appear in the world, which looks pretty damn good… and then begin auto-pathing to the NPC. “Oh, no.” I thought to myself. And I was correct in my reaction, as Gate of Chaos is just like the majority of Mobile MMOs: You auto-path everywhere, you auto-combat every monster.
I had to look back at my phone occasionally to forward the text during conversations, but that was all the input that was required.
“Explore a large, beautiful open world filled with magic and wonder” the games claims. Yet I think I looked at the actual game a couple times over my time recording. And at the end of my time recording, I had made it to level 40, level 50 something?
That was the most hands-off experience I’ve had in a very long time, and for a game that looks as beautiful as this does, that’s a damn awful shame.

There are plenty of things to do within the game, the world itself is filled with activity, there’s just no real input or interaction from you required.
Granted I did go up against a giant dragon at one point that would half my HP with each hit, but my character used auto-potions to keep themselves alive throughout the encounter.
She didn’t make use of any dodge mechanics though, so for more difficult content I’m of the impression you may need to actually pay attention to dodge the telegraphed attacks.
Otherwise, let the game autopilot the entire thing.

Ultimately, I wouldn’t recommend trying Gate of Chaos out. It’s definitely not an MMO I could see myself enjoying long-term. There are much better ones out there.

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