First Summoner: A Brand New Mobile RPG First Look

First Summoner: A Brand New Mobile RPG First Look

Why don’t we get characters like that in PC MMOs anymore? Instead we get characters that look like they’re straight out of 2009.
Which is fine and all, but when you have PC games that are actually falling behind mobile games there’s a problem.
But I digress.
When I was reached out to pertaining to doing a sponsored video on another mobile game I figured “Pass. I do them on my mobile channel,” but then I took a deeper look and thought to myself “This.. well, this actually looks kinda cool.”
So I opted to take it purely out of curiosity.. and because it’s kinda awesome to get paid to try out game genres you’ve never played before. It’s a genre of game I’ve never tried – but it definitely reminded me a lot of Vindictus.
If you want to play the game and test it out to see if I’m being legit with you all then go ahead and use the download link in the description.
It had the same dark vibes, the same medieval fantasy theme and even a similar graphical style.
Granted, I didn’t get much opportunity to see other characters in my 2 odd hours of playing, so I can’t say if the males look even remotely as good but the females.. man.
Mobile games sure are making large leaps in terms of what they’re capable of doing.


First Summoner is a new strategy RPG for mobile devices that requires you summon monsters from the void to aid you in battle against.. other monsters from the void. Yeah, I dunno.
The game is what I like to refer to as an “anti-AFK” mobile game; a game that has absolutely no auto play whatsoever.
If you leave your character in the middle of battle, they’ll die. You can’t autopath anywhere and there are no auto-items involved.
Instead, you have a hands-on game that has a variety of diverse landscapes and environments, a fairly interesting story and a monster collection system to keep you farming.
Seriously, a lack of autoplay in any form is a very refreshing change for a mobile game.
If you’ve been watching my games on MMOByte Mobile you’ll have realized that every “popular” mobile game I’ve tried offers autoplay in some capacity, but First Summoner really doesn’t.


Actually a lot better than I thought it was going to be.
Initially, I saw that the game required a target, so it utilized a target based combat system but at the same time, with the overwhelming amount of monsters I fought as the game progressed, randomly firing arrows as my archer would’ve been.. problematic without it.
First Summoner makes use of a summoning system: You collect cards throughout the game and can summon the various monsters you obtain via cards.
Each card has a resource cost, and resources can be earned through a variety of means, such as killing monsters, destroying urns that are.. questionably placed around the environments, and even over time.
Cards vary in strength, type, and can even be upgraded along with your character making for a fair amount of customization. This will make PvP much more like a Yu-Gi-Oh! battle than a normal target-oriented RPG.
The very monsters you summon are the same monsters you’re doing battle with, and they pack quite a punch.
You’ll be required to constantly be aware of what monsters appear in which zones and act accordingly as to not enter a battle with a team that would otherwise be countered.


Yes I did! Unfortunately I didn’t get to participate in it because I couldn’t figure out how to. I only made it to level 10? Level 11 or so and at that point the game didn’t have PvP unlocked.
I did go ahead and check some videos on Youtube though and from what I can tell, the game takes you to a separate instance where you and your opponent field monsters, kind of like you would in Yu-Gi-Oh!
Yes, I know I keep making Yu-Gi-Oh! comparisons but that’s because other than Duel Masters, it’s the only card-based summoning Anime I know of. Maybe Cardcaptor Sakura as well. Maybe!


You have outfits you can obtain, how exactly is unknown to me but I did take a look at some of them and I’ll admit.. they were pretty damn good to look at.
There’s nothing quite like running around a field of demonic monsters summoned through space and time as a maid, cleaning up the world one evil lookin’ dude at a time.
Accompanying the different outfits is also general character customization, something I like to see in every game. There’s a leveling system, a gearing system and pretty much all the traditional RPG features.
This allows for you to customize the kind of gear you want, the stats you’d like and again, the kind of monsters you’d like to bring into battle with you.
You can opt for a team of tanks, mages, archers, weird little black puffs of smoke, you name it, it’s probably in there.


For a mobile game this looks pretty amazing. If you’re a fan of dark fantasy RPGs then this should be right up your alley.
Having zero autoplay, no auto-combat, no auto-pathing, no auto-questing, nothing, makes for a very enjoyable experience.
Being able to collect and summon creatures from the void to do my bidding and requiring strategy is one of the most fun game mechanics for me – I love strategy games and this makes good use of it.
Honestly, I enjoyed myself. It was as though I was playing Yu-Gi-Oh! set in a Vindictus world, making for… something quite unique.
It’s completely free, so I’d recommend trying it out purely to see if it’s your thing. Worst case scenario? You uninstall it. But on the flipside, you could really enjoy the game.

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    Mike Reply
    Aug 6, 2019 @ 22:29 pm

    I have been playing this game for a few days and I like it so far.

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