Fire Emblem Heroes Surpasses $1 Billion USD in Total Earnings

Fire Emblem Heroes Surpasses $1 Billion USD in Total Earnings

Fire Emblem is an intellectual property that Nintendo really haven’t done much with. Every other year they seem to push out a new Fire Emblem game with new characters, maybe the odd slightly altered feature.
And while I’m quite a fan of the franchise – I’ve been playing back since the days of Eliwood, Lyn and Hector, they’ve kinda been floundering when it comes to making a worthwhile Gacha game adaptation.

Nintendo haven’t had a great track record with their Gacha games. They haven’t had a single game top $1 billion dollars.. even despite being one of the largest gaming companies in the entire world. Well, okay that’s a lie. As of July 1st, they have.
Sensor Tower confirmed earlier today that Fire Emblem Heroes finally surpassed $1 billion dollars in total, lifetime Global earnings. For reference, Fire Emblem Heroes released on February 2nd, 2017. Over 5 years ago. And each month, continues to average approximately 40-50,000 downloads and $3-$5 million dollars across both Android and iOS devices.
Interestingly enough, Sensor Tower confirmed that Fire Emblem Heroes actually accounts for 54.5% of Nintendo’s total mobile revenue TO DATE. As in, 54.5% of every cent earned via the cumulative total of all of Nintendo’s mobile games.
Then again, I guess it kinda makes sense. At #2 we have Mario Kart Tour and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp both tied at $282 million dollars. Dragalia Lost at $168 million, Super Mario Run at $87 million, and Dr. Mario World at $14 million.
I mean, with the monolith that Nintendo are, Gacha games aren’t necessarily.. that important, but when games like Azur Lane, Arknights, Blue Archive are making more per year than all of your Gacha games combined over the last decade.. I dunno. I’d be a little embarrassed.
I do want to note: Fire Emblem Heroes has been downloaded a grand total of 17.8 million times, as opposed to Super Mario Run, which has seen over 310 million downloads since releasing.
Mario Kart Tour comes in at 227 million downloads, meaning the two Mario games combined make up 537 million downloads, as opposed to Fire Emblem Heroes’ 17 million, yet make up a grand total of $360 million compared to the former games’ billion.
Yes, Fire Emblem Heroes has been a massive success for Nintendo. Again, it has made up over 50% of the companies’ mobile gross every year. But at the same time – the entire gross of Nintendo’s mobile gaming scene is a few million dollars per month? Yikes.

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