Final Fantasy XIV’s Latest Expansion “Endwalker” Could be the Largest MMORPG Release of 2021.

Final Fantasy XIV's Latest Expansion "Endwalker" Could be the Largest MMORPG Release of 2021.

I’ve always been an avid fan of Final Fantasy XIV. I’ve been playing it since way back in 2.0 – when it relaunched under the “A Realm Reborn” title. I’ve played through every expansion and played through a plethora of the different classes available. And here I am, year after year equally as excited as the last, anticipating every new patch, every new expansion.

So when it was revealed that Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker would be launching in Fall 2021, you can bet I’d opt to cover it right away.
Endwalker brings with it 2 brand new classes: The Sage, a shielding healer, and an undisclosed melee class that players are speculating wields a scythe. There will also be alterations made to both the Astrologian and Scholar, with the Astrologian being turned into more of a main-healer and the Scholar being turned into a shielder, much like the Sage will be.

There are going to be a number of other changes to the game such as an increase in level cap from 80 to 90, a brand new story, new regions, new beast tribes, a Stardew Valley/Harvest Moon inspired farming simulation side-activity, new housing, Data Center travel and most importantly.. a PS5 release with a Closed Beta scheduled for April 13th 2021.
And this is just information released alongside the teaser, there will be much more to come during the digital fan festival in May.

If this doesn’t get you excited.. then I honestly have no idea what will.

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