Final Blade is a Poor Mobile RPG.

Final Blade is a Poor Mobile RPG.

Welcome to “The greatest, oriental fantasy RPG. Experience the stunning gameplay with over 300 heroes to collect.”
Or at the very least that’s what this game claims it is. And while it does offer hundreds of heroes to collect.. that’s about as accurate as that first line gets things.


Final Blade is a great looking high quality RPG released back in 2018.
It has a beautiful graphical style, provides quite a few interesting online activities like PvP Duels, world raids, and even region wars, and interestingly for a Gacha game, provides players with a plethora of ways to earn in-game premium currency.
Like most RPGs the game takes place on a large map with an overview of the zone and all the levels associated with it.
You progress by moving along the map and completing missions, fighting the boss at the end of each area, and.. yeah.
Traditionally from what I’ve experienced there’s normally a lot of story associated with mobile RPGs but I’m gonna admit that that was definitely not the case here.
There was barely any story at all over the course of the entire first map – only after completing it was I granted a small cutscene with the evil chick from the intro.
Which means I’m just.. doing the levels for the sake of doing the levels.


Combat was real-time but my god did the game repeatedly attempt to get me to play on auto.
Every other battle I’d get notifications telling me “You know auto-combat exists, right? You should totally turn it on!”
Disregarding that, the combat was pretty good. Basic combat took place out of my control but allowed me to use my skills when their cooldown was over.
Every hero you can recruit has their own unique selection of skills and you possess the ability to use ultimate skills to mix things up.
But.. that’s about it. For the most part you sit there watching the combat just.. happen.


I was under the impression that the game would have a main protagonist as the beginning made it seem that way.
However, upon leaving the introduction, you’re given the option of creating your character – or at the very least, you’re given the ability to choose your class.
I chose Warrior by accident because I was trying to see what the “create character” button did and it just.. selected it for me unfortunately.
But that was fine. I needed a tanky character, so.. worked out.
While there’s gear obtainable in-game I’m unsure of how much customziation there is. Probably varied outfits, y’know, the norm in Gacha games.


The game kept forcing me into auto-play and 2x game speed.
The game auto-combats by default, I didn’t want to auto-use skills as well but I felt like I had to to shut the damn game up and stop it from spamming me.
The graphics are very beautiful – the animations aren’t what I expected, and the skill effects are definitely not as good as some of the other RPGs I’ve played recently.
The lack of a story and meaningful progression left me bored, and overall.. that prevented me from really enjoying myself or the game.
It might pick up but from the looks of it I wouldn’t think that’d really help.
There are much better Gacha games out there and significantly better RPGs out there if you’re looking for one.

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