Every Gacha Game Coming in September 2022

Every Gacha Game Coming in September 2022

One of the things I enjoy most about the Gacha sub-genre is that every month there are new games to play, new games entering pre-registration phases or Beta tests being held.
August wasn’t a bad month for new Gacha games. But September looks fairly promising as well!


Archeland was announced back in June 2022, and featured a cinematic trailer for the game. Players were excited because the game featured gorgeous character models, stunning environments, and a type of turn-based strategic combat akin to Fire Emblem.
Fire Emblem is one of my favorite strategy games of all time, so this is a massive draw for me personally.
Archeland currently has pre-registration open for the Korean launch of the game, with an expected release date some time in 2023. A Global release has not officially been confirmed for 2023, but it is speculated.

Midgard Saga

Midgard Saga is a card-based RPG releasing this month. Pre-registration is currently open and available for players interested, and will be the first game released by Yeeha Games, a new.. uhh, I mean they’re not really a.. studio.
They call themselves a “platform,” where games will be developed and published, allowing for players to use assets acquired in every game completely cross-game.
Meaning what you earn in Midgard Saga you can effectively use in another Gacha game published on Yeeha Games.
Unfortunately, this is also a Crypto game, with NFTs also being present – as Yeeha Games believe this is the future of the Gacha genre. NFTs, Crypto, play to earn and shared assets across every game.
Honestly I’d steer clear of this one but at the same time I know this won’t deter everyone.

Neural Cloud

Neural Cloud is a brand new upcoming Auto-Chess Anime RPG set within the same universe as the popular Girls’ Frontline Gacha game.
Several trailers have been released for the game already, showcasing a variety of different Waifu’s, and damn do they look good. Pre-registration is currently open and available for the Global version of the game. We’re capable of seeing what pre-registration rewards are, from 200k all the way up to 2 million.
At present we’re closing in on 300,000 pre-registered players with more to come shortly no doubt. I enjoyed Girls’ Frontline so seeing further expansion of their world sounds great to me.


NIKKE is an immersive shooter RPG with some of the most bodacious beauties to ever grace the Gacha genre. Seriously, more players are going to play this for the Waifu’s than those that will play it for any other reason.
I had the pleasure of playing the most recent Global Closed Beta for the game, and had an immense amount of fun. You can find my dedicated video on it as part of the “Worst Gacha Ever?” series on the channel, but I am beyond hyped to play this as it officially launches.
Which might be sooner than expected, as a thread popped up over on Reddit in the last couple days with a link to the Global pre-registration page.
Multiple people confirmed that they had either seen or registered for the game before the page went down, but it looks as though Global pre-registration is coming.. in the very immediate future, as NIKKE is slated to release fully within the next couple months.

Quantum Maki

Quantum Maki is… a unique amalgamation of genres, incorporating mechanics from a bullet hell title with a third person shooter and an action RPG like Punishing Gray Raven.
Quantum Maki actually just released in the last few days within Japan, and is already holding a collaboration with one of the greatest Anime of all time, Code Geass, featuring Lelouch and Suzaku – along with 2 of our favorite Waifu’s, C2 and Kallen. And yes, they’re definitely.. filled out in all the right places.
As the game just launched there is unfortunately no option to pre-register for the game. There is no confirmed Global release for the game in the works – but given time, and depending on the success of the game, that might change quite drastically.

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