Everwild is an Incredible Looking New RPG From the Creators of Banjo Kazooie

Everwild is an Incredible Looking New RPG From the Creators of Banjo Kazooie

How did I miss this? No joke, this game looks absolutely stunning and it’s being created by Rare, the people behind Conker’s Bad Fur Day and Banjo Kazooie? Could I be any more excited?
At the end of 2019, Everwild was revealed – a brand new upcoming RPG that shares quite a resemblance to Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which is one of my favorite JRPGs of the last decade.
Rare are known for creating some of gamings most beloved franchises and who knows, maybe this new IP will spark yet another success for the company after Sea of Thieves.

So the Everwild trailer detailed some of what we can expect in the game: It looks to be an action game featuring a large, open world.
There are various different types of animals found roaming the land – all with Rare’s classic graphical style.
There are also 3 characters found on-screen, one of which is the player-character and the other 2 are speculated to be additional co-op characters.
While co-op hasn’t been confirmed for Everwild yet, as details are still scarce, the inclusion of 3-characters definitely leads you to believe as such.
Personally, for me, when Genshin Impact, another open-world RPG inspired by Breath of the Wild was announced I was ecstatic. When I learned that it had co-op between 4 players I was even happier.
If they plan on adding co-op functionality to the game then they’re going to open it up to an even larger audience. I feel as though in this day and age co-op games are becoming more and more prevalent, and since I play everything with Mrs Stix.. I couldn’t be happier.

While little more than the trailer was revealed by Rare, they did go on to state that they were focused on “building an experience that allows for new ways to play in a natural and magical world.” They want to provide players “memorable, engaging and meaningful experiences.”
They’re going as far as to make the bold claim that they’re creating something that is “more than just a new IP. Something truly original, something incredibly special.”
I know literally every developer states generally similar things: “We’re creating something amazing! New! Revolutionary!” but I’m hoping since Rare has a lot of experience in the industry and has had so much success this game really comes together.

I would like to note that Everwild is still in early development meaning that there’s the potential for the game to change – both graphically and mechanically before the next trailer hits.
Speaking of, at least right now in March 2020, there is no confirmed, or even expected release date for the game. However, it is confirmed to be launching on both Xbox and Windows 10.
However, considering the timing of the announcement it could potentially be leading to being a cross-generation title – both on the Xbox One and on the Xbox Series X or whatever the new Xbox is being called.
Yes, I’m behind the times when it comes to Xbox because I haven’t owned one since the Xbox 360 like a decade ago.

During a press release back when the game was announced, Everwild was announced to be their next big investment.
According to the studio, it is “as big a moment for Rare” as the launch of Sea of Thieves when it launched back in 2015.
However, when Sea of Thieves launched I recall some people being pretty upset by how limiting the game was, the lack of endgame content and bugs that made the game difficult to play.
So let’s hope Everwild, whenever the game releases, overcomes those issues and provides us something that we’ll be able to play for a while to come.

And that’s it. That’s currently all the info we have pertaining to the game. Everwild looks amazing. It’s beautiful, the creatures look fantastical and magical, the world looks filled with areas to explore.
But then at the same time this is just a trailer. We’ve yet to see actual, full in-game rendered characters, monsters, environments, and most importantly: Combat.
While I definitely have high expectations from the studio after the games they’ve developed thus far, I’ve learned not to be overly optimistic about a game until you get the chance to play it.
As long as it releases on PC at one point I’ll definitely be purchasing it. If it provides the option to play with Mrs Stix? I’ll definitely be playing it long-term with her.

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