Evertale: The BIGGEST Scam NOBODY is Talking About Right Now

Evertale: The BIGGEST Scam NOBODY is Talking About Right Now

We’ve all seen how Oath, Chronicles of Elyria, DreamWorld and Earth 2 have been scamming the community over the course of the last year, right?
They’ve been covered to death by this point. And rightfully so. This, however, is perhaps one of the largest scams I’ve ever seen since beginning this channel. These people are scamming money out of players by advertising a lie. And we’re here to talk about it today, since nobody else is!

So, Evertale is an RPG that I’ve actually done a video on. And it has been receiving a lot of attention recently due to an advertising campaign run by the company behind the game. And while I welcome the extra attention personally, it’s for the wrong reason entirely.
And honestly? It’s instances like this that make us unable to trust the companies working on these games in question.

Now let’s take a moment and look at this advertisement in question.

Yup. That was what they were advertising. And first and foremost – credit to Junkyard Joe for the footage. I appreciate that man. Go check out the guys channel if you haven’t already! But on topic… what are companies even thinking with garbage like this? Do you guys want to see what the ACTUAL game looks like? Then continue watching the video above.

Do you see any similarities at all between the two games? Other than being capable of leveling up a few monsters, there is nothing connecting the two. Not the combat. Not the graphical style. Not the aesthetic feel of the game.
They’re advertising this as some type of deep psychological horror – but the reality of it is that it’s just your typical waifu/monster collector with really nothing setting itself apart from other games in the genre.
Honestly, and I know I’ll upset some people for saying this, but the game isn’t even very good from what I’ve played.

But they need to continue to trick players to play their game, right?

Now this isn’t the first time this has happened, and it definitely won’t be the last time it’ll happen. I’ve seen it occurring more and more frequently recently, but this is the first time I’ve seen it happen for a game that requires a purchase.
Admittedly, I’m not at all shocked that companies like this are advertising their games at the expense of their reputation. I am, however, disgusted by it. And the fact that they’re making this look and feel like a Pokemon game at that. Playing off the popularity and nostalgia of the Pokemon IP to benefit themselves.

But what shocks me more than anything about this entire story, is how little attention this scam is getting. Evertale is not a free game. This is a title that requires you purchase it to play it.
What this means, is that they’re attempting to sell you the game as one thing, when in reality, you’re getting something else entirely.
How would you guys feel if you purchased a cheeseburger only to find out all you were given was the burger bun? Cheated, right? And you’d either want to be reimbursed, or to have the item you paid for.
That is the very same thing that’s going on here. People are paying for this game thinking it’s some dark Pokemon inspired RPG – because they’re actively advertising it as such, and it just isn’t.
Could you imagine if Final Fantasy XIV advertised itself as having Final Fantasy XV’s graphics? Or the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI? Players would riot, Square Enix would be crucified instantly.

This is a scam. Perhaps one of the largest scams I’ve seen in recent memory. They’re using the money players are investing into the game to fund advertising, promoting a lie, to earn more money.
Not only is this done to advertise a fully-functional game, but it is being done by a company that has had this game live for years now, with an established history in the genre.

Evertale has millions of installs, has a third of a million reviews posted on Google alone with an average rating of 4.3* – why do they need to resort to something like this to trick people into buying, downloading and playing their game?
It’s just wrong. It’s wrong on so many levels. Developers and publishers alike need to understand that this isn’t how you build a long-term successful game, let alone company.
You want real, organic growth for your game. And you accomplish this by actually making a good one. Which is something a lot of developers struggle with in this day and age unfortunately.

Now at the end of the day, I’m not here to criticize Evertale as a game. It wasn’t a game I enjoyed, but it isn’t a terrible game by any stretch of the imagination.
I am here to discuss the scam that they’re employing to trick players into spending money to play their game, when still having all the trashy pay-to-advance and pay-to-win mechanics present in every Gacha game.
This should not be acceptable. We should not be accepting of this ever. And when companies realize that we’re not nearly as receptive of practices like this, they’ll be less inclined to go through with them.

So, guys, be careful out there, especially when it comes to downloading games based off of their trailers. Look around for legitimate gameplay of the game before you opt to spend anything on it. Trailers are very misleading.
And this isn’t a case where you can just move on because you downloaded a free game on your phone. This is something you spent money on.
Do your due diligence and don’t be taken scammed or advantage of.

  • author image
    Luke Reply
    Jul 28, 2021 @ 6:13 am

    The Google Play store gave me a refund lmao

  • author image
    Holly Reply
    Aug 10, 2021 @ 7:33 am

    The app store has images and an icon to match the horror scam as well, I had purchased the game under the false advertising

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