Eudemons Online is a Fun, Classic MMORPG

You guys are always asking me to touch on older MMOs – MMOs that most of us have probably never heard of.
So on my search to locate a few worth checking out, I happened upon Eudemons, an MMORPG released way back in 2006.
This is a game that, honestly, has been around for longer than a lotta you guys have even been playing video games for and it’s still kicking.
So, curious, I went ahead and reached out to the team behind Eudemons and we agreed they’d sponsor a little look-see through the game by offering me several higher level characters to showcase.
That way I can show you guys what areas, abilities, encounters and features are like the further you make it through the game. But before that..


Eudemons Online is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG that offers players a unique pet system, allowing you to go out, collect, train and evolve various types of Eudemons to assist you in combat, essentially like Pokemon.
There are hundreds available, and allow up to three to accompany you into battle at any given time.
The game has a large focus on social activities, with players being able to mentor other players, marry your significant other, and join a Legion.
Speaking of Legions, you’ll probably want one as PvP is another large focus of the game, however, I felt I was far too inexperienced to fully explore that facet of the game.
The game world is incredibly large, offering some of the most expansive maps I’ve seen in an MMO from its time.
Honestly, MrsStix and I spent a while wandering them looking for things to do and trying to finds monsters to kill and we got lost a couple times.
This is why it’s always important to bring a map and a compass when camping, kids!
Graphically, the game is.. actually very aesthetically pleasing. Some of the environments are actually incredibly well done.
I was a little disappointed there wasn’t really any customization with regards to my character, and the characters definitely look their age, but I was caught a little off guard by how good the overall scenery was.


There are currently 7 classes in total.
The Mage, Warrior, Necromancer, Paladin, Vampire, Shadow Knight and Ranger.
As I mentioned earlier, I was given access to a few higher level characters to showcase. These included the Necromancer, Paladin and Ranger.
I went Necro ’cause it seemed like my kinda class whereas MrsStix opted for Paladin ’cause she plays healer in most games.
The Necromancer is the most popular class in the game, and it’s obvious why.
Not only does the class look freakin’ badass, but it has some of the most explosive looking skills and effects.
Granted, yes, I had absolutely no idea how to go about surviving on the class because I’m a terrible player, but that’s what the Paladin was for.
The Paladin is the most powerful class in the game due to the fact that they’re a hybrid of both mage and warrior, dealing incredibly high damage while juggling debuffs and most importantly – they can resurrect you, saving you from the stupid mistakes you’ve made.
While the Paladin isn’t a traditional healer in the sense of the word, being able to resurrect Eudemons and party members makes them not only a high DPS, but an invaluable support member of the group.
Finally, I decided to do Ranger because my wife was having fun smacking people on her Paladin and one of us needed to record footage of it.
The Ranger is one of the most frequently updated classes in-game, being repeatedly revised to get it to where it is currently – and that is an AoEing monster.
The Ranger has incredible mobility, the ability to mow down monsters en masse, and also looks pretty sick while doing it.
It’s always refreshing to see developers that care about keeping their classes new, fresh and exciting.


So Eudemons are a crucial part of combat. You can technically engage monsters in combat without utilizing your Eudemons, but you’d be silly to.
Eudemons offer far too much utility to leave behind. Interestingly, Eudemons – and subsequently the name of the game – are a reference to the benevolent spirit. Just a quick little FYI.
Every year additional Eudemons are added into the game – and they come in quite a few forms and types, such as Astral and Divine. As I mentioned earlier, Eudemons are similar to Pokemon.
See, in traditional MMOs, pets are things you’re either given, or that you go out and capture. They might have a unique skill or two, but function as a base extension of your character.
In Eudemons, they function very differently.
They have several stages of evolution where they grow in power, they have their own powers, abilities and unique ways of being used, level up, and.. honestly, there’s just so much to them that it’s impossible to properly elaborate on without you experriencing it yourself.
Combat involves a very hack-and-slash system allowing players to fight without the need for tab-target – something that I found interesting, given the time the game was released.
I wasn’t aware there were many games released back in 2006 that didn’t emply tab-target combat.


Eudemons is a very story-driven MMORPG. Thus far, there are over 10 different chapters, detailing the overall plot of the game.
You follow through with the story to continue to level, unlock new regions to explore and continue through the game, as with most MMOs.
Some chapters, specifically, Chapter 10 as an example where you’re fighting the boss – the encounter itself was designed to be a riddle, prompting players to solve it to complete the fight, something many developers don’t take the time to really do.
Little things like this keep encounters fresh and exciting.
Although the game is old – and let’s be clear here, it definitely is. The game was released back in 2006, you can’t argue that point. It is still surprisingly appealing aesthetically.
Combat was better than I’d anticipated – I didn’t expect it to be of the hack-and-slash variety and this made the experience much more enjoyable overall.
The Eudemon system, allowing me to customize my little army of death is one of the best additions ever.
I know the importance of playing alongside other players – I run an MMO channel after all. But sometimes you gotta tackle things on your own.. y’know? Just go out and get shit done.
So having Eudemons there to back you and your dumb decisions up are all but a necessity!
It’s also very popular still, as I saw players running around, talking and one even offered to help us at one point since we were still pretty new.

The game isn’t very demanding. It’s a great way to chill back and relax with. Except the boss fights. Those were intense!

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