Eternal is a Brand New Upcoming Mobile MMORPG!

Eternal is a Brand New Upcoming Mobile MMORPG!

I’m a huge fan of Asobimo games. They’re one of the few mobile developers that actually create MMOs built with longevity in mind. Now earlier this year I covered their newest upcoming MMORPG: Eternal.
There wasn’t much in the way of footage revealed at the time, and Asobimo had remained fairly quiet over the course of the year. Until this week!
That’s right! Asobimo have confirmed that they are opening pre-registration for the game, with the Closed Beta specifically taking place between October 13th through October 21st.
Yes, the Closed Beta is going to be for players located within Japan but you all know full well that that won’t stop you – or anyone else from applying. We’re a crafty lot us gamers.

Naturally, the Beta test is going to be limited. They have to be. 30,000 players will be capable of participating in the Beta test – so if you haven’t pre-registered, I recommend doing that now.
Asobimo is quite the MMO juggernaut within Japan, being responsible for the majority of successful JMMOs – within the country itself, and even going as far as globally.
Players, myself included have been eagerly anticipating Eternal, ever since the game was announced back last year. Eternal, however, unlike most of their games is not going to be Anime-inspired. Instead, it’s going to take inspiration from 3D titles, which is an interesting change of direction.

Eternal is slated to be more of a “traditional MMO” as opposed to something new and innovative, which I get – why try something new when you can stick to tried-and-true formula that is almost guaranteed to be successful.
And although the little footage we’ve seen does in fact look promising, I wonder when we’re going to begin to innovate. When we’re going to introduce new graphical styles, new features, new mechanics into our mobile games.
Very few offer anything different. They’re the same game with a different skin and players just.. eat that up. Spend thousands of dollars, and then a brand new game that looks just like it but with different characters comes out and we’re all so excited to waste thousands of dollars more on it.
I’m not saying Eternal will follow suit, but it’s just a shame.

While Eternal is expected to release next year in 2021, they’ve made note of wanting to release a game globally at some point as well. And while it is definitely unlikely to get both a Japanese launch and a global launch the same year, we can hope, right?
Either way, I’m excited for Eternal. It looks like a promising MMO from a developer with a history of making solid titles. Hopefully you guys have pre-registered for the game as we’ll be able to play in just a couple weeks!

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