Elyon Showcases Brand New Slayer Class

Elyon Showcases Brand New Slayer Class

Hot off of the success of its brand new launch in South Korea – not to mention its upcoming launch in North America and Europe, Bluehole, the developers behind both Elyon and TERA (not to mention PubG – but completely unrelated genre here) revealed the first of several planned classes for the game in the form of the Slayer.

I’m a very big fan of TERA. I played that game when it was a subscription-MMO, earning the “founder” title when it transitioned to a free MMO, and I will admit seeing the Slayer in action during the trailer got me pretty excited. I’ve always been a fan of the melee classes in the game, and after seeing the terrible state of the combat in Ascent: Infinite Realm, I never thought we’d ever see something like this.
The new Slayer class is fast, its abilities look like they have a lot of impact and overall, I’m fairly impressed with what I see. While I never mained the Slayer in TERA it does have some similarities to what I experienced in the aforementioned title.

Now that we’re already in the process of having additional classes introduced into the game, all we need is an exact release date, as it’s long-since overdue.

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    Its not worth playing anymore because of the unbelievable level of greed and scams perpetrated by X...
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    Congratulations to all the people that got a key...
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    ByteStix says:
    Same reason people pay $50 for a 2-day headstart with Founder's Packs....
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    justwei says:
    don't the game comes out in like 5 days? is there really a point to the contest anymore?...