Elsword – Why Do So Many People Hate This MMORPG? We Enjoy It!

So we were told “Never play Elsword!”, “It’s a terrible MMORPG!”, but it’s always so packed with players and the combat is so damn enjoyable. Why is it that so many people genuinely hate Elsword?

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    Souvik says:
    Hello noahs heart launched recently, so what are your thoughts on it? Have you made your video on th...
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    Tenshi Oda says:
    I'm totally disappointed. It's cleary a Genshin Impact ripoff. It may have a few features from ot...
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    Nuri59 says:
    fake knight online and pay to win. don't waste your time with this game....
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    HUNTER73 says:
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    Quinx says:
    Hope it has a pc version...