Echocalypse Pre-Registration

Echocalypse Pre-Registration

Echocalypse is a brand new upcoming Anime-style Waifu-collector RPG with some of the greatest looking Waifu’s you’ll encounter in any Gacha game this year.

When looking at footage of Echocalypse I immediately thought of Artery Gear: Fusion. The similarities are far too strong not to notice, not that Artery Gear was the first game to utilize this specific style.
It’s your traditional RPG: It features Chapters, every Chapter has Missions. Missions in Echocalypse take the form of battles that have several waves of enemies. You deploy units, who exchange blows with enemies, and use abilities located down the bottom right of your screen.
Abilities are stunning – they have fully animated characters and cutscenes. The characters themselves look absolutely gorgeous. Like.. if anything else, we all need to play this for the Waifu’s, guys. I’m not kidding. Other than Waifu’s, though, it’s your basic RPG.

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    James Reply
    Oct 21, 2022 @ 19:17 pm


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    Arman Leo Baluca says:
    Please release the game now.....
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    kill the fucks who keep stealing from gamers these filth deserve nothing but our worst fuck bless...
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    Kexin says:
    Any new updates on the progress? Hope PWE releases English version! I miss JD and would love for it ...
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    DDO - Dungeons and dragons online IS NOT free. You must buy quest packs and maps for each and every ...
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    RedKolz says:
    Hello, i'm very excited for the game. btw if anyone has a friend invite code for the Japan CB please...