Dust White Forbidden Area Opens Pre-Registration!

Dust White Forbidden Area Opens Pre-Registration!

This is one of the most anticipated Anime games of 2022. I’m not kidding, there are already over a million players pre-registered ready to play this game.
Project Snow is an Anime game that I covered once, several months ago. It genuinely looked stunning from the first trailer – this trailer in specific.

Not only was a brand new trailer released for the game, but pre-registration is currently open – and there’s a ton of new info to go over. Including its official name.

First, let’s go over the name change. Originally – and up until just 2 days ago the game went under the moniker “Project Snow.” We knew this wasn’t its official name, but we really had nothing to go off of.
It has since been confirmed that the new name of the game is “Dust White Forbidden Area.” Or at least that’s the rough, direct translation of it. It is subject to change when they’re confident in their goal of releasing it in English.

There have been various different characters revealed since we first talked about the game.
Cherno, who actually looks super adorable.
Fritia, who was the character we saw in the most recent trailer footage.
Fenny, who admittedly looks like a bit of a.. handful. Yeah, let’s go with that.
Then we have Lyfe, who’s by far the best looking character showcased in any type of media pertaining to the game. Although her name is a little.. foreboding.

But what is Dust White Forbidden Area? According to the producer of the game, this is a scifi Anime third person shooter RPG developed using Unreal Engine 4.
This is the first time they’ve made a game like this and the first time utilizing Unreal Engine 4. It’ll feature a variety of different elements – such as the bullet hell mode you saw in the trailer we watched.
It’s unconfirmed specifically what type of game it’s going to be, though, if it’ll be more open-world or level-based like Punishing Gray Raven. Probably the latter if I’m being honest.

The game is supposedly still a ways off from being complete. They’ve held more than one test phase up until this point, and will likely be holding additional test phases in the future.
That’s what the pre-registration is partly for. It’s also partly for gauging interest in the game – and given there are roughly a million players signed up waiting.. yeah, there’s a lot of anticipation.

There’s no confirmed release date yet – it’ll likely be next year some time if we’re lucky.
We also don’t know when we’ll be receiving it Globally, given the Chinese version doesn’t have a confirmed release date.
But you know who’ll be the first to confirm whenever they give one? Papa Stix.

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    Joshua M Lajom Reply
    Jun 8, 2022 @ 18:19 pm

    wanted to try dust white forbidden area

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