Dungeons and Dragons Online – Ew, Not Rats!

My character was so weak! :^( My purple laser beam hit for 3% of their total health on a FIVE SECOND COOLDOWN! I think I may have chosen the wrong class.

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    Chris Dancy Reply
    Jan 24, 2023 @ 23:34 pm

    DDO – Dungeons and dragons online IS NOT free. You must buy quest packs and maps for each and every zone you goto outside the starting area…which is nothing more then a tutorial

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    can wait for global better than hsr too lets gooo...
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    I played a bit of dragon nest back in 2021 or so. It’s definitely not what it used to be. There wa...
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    cat says:
    any news...
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    demmox says:
    looks like you missed the child thing thats supposed to help you out through the game...