Dungeon Fighter Mobile Absolutely SHATTERS Records!

Dungeon Fighter Mobile Absolutely SHATTERS Records!

After Nexon and Neople’s recent announcement that they were canceling Project BBQ – one of our most anticipated Anime MMOs, and instead, transitioning the game over into a Korean Elden Ring, players – myself included, were dismayed. Disappointed. Disheartened.
And while it will no longer be an MMO, and could very well potentially be a fantastic Elden Ring knock-off, Dungeon Fighter Online itself still is. And so is Dungeon Fighter Overkill.

Today, I want to talk about how a title within the Dungeon Fighter universe that just released has absolutely broken records in the market.
This is a title that I’m sure none of you expected to see showcased on this channel, and a game I’m sure none of you ever anticipated seeing hit grandiose numbers like this a mere week after launching.

If you weren’t already aware, Dungeon Fighter Online is the most densely populated MMORPG in the world.
It has billions of players Globally – which, as a small point of reference, Final Fantasy XIV has 25 million players Globally, and WoW is estimated to have approximately 100 million players Globally.
The cumulative total of two absolutely gargantuan MMOs combined make up a single digit percentage of active players present within Dungeon Fighter Online.
WoW and Final Fantasy XIV also have a combined total of at best, a couple million active players each month. You want to know how many players were recorded playing actively in Dungeon Fighter? 850 million in the month of March, 2022.

There is a very evident reason Neople and Nexon are so focused on expanding the Dungeon Fighter intellectual property with Project BBQ which is now Project AK, Dungeon Fighter Overkill, Dungeon Fighter Duel and Dungeon Fighter Mobile.
And while Project AK is far from being in a playable form, Dungeon Fighter Overkill is expected to release at an undisclosed time in 2022, Dungeon Fighter Duel is holding its Open Beta with a Global release in just a couple months, and Dungeon Fighter Mobile.. is unfortunately today’s topic of discussion.

Regardless of whether or not you’ve been anticipating Dungeon Fighter Mobile is irrelevent. It’s a Dungeon Fighter game, and that name alone carries a weight to it that will accrue the interest of many.

Dungeon Fighter Mobile officially revealed to be releasing on March 24th, 2022. Over 1.2 million players had pre-registered for the game ahead of its release, with the title reaching the #1 most popular game on the Apple Store before having even launched.
Fast forward to the 24th – the official launch day, concurrency for Dungeon Fighter Mobile hit over a million active players. A whole million players, the day it launched.
This launched to numbers that were comparable to Lost Ark, and Lost Ark was advertised by Amazon Game Studios, had every streamer on Twitch advocating for it and was a game that had been anticipated for 4 years now.
Yet Nexon’s mobile game on its first day managed to garner the same kind of numbers with the pull of its name alone?

These numbers alone were the highest among Nexon’s titles, setting an entirely new record for them. And I’m sure Nexon would be highly satisfied if we never saw numbers beyond this, however, we did.
Several days after releasing – on the 29th specifically, Dungeon Fighter Mobile managed to secure the #2 spot on both the Google Play Store, and Apple store, in terms of raw sales and downloads.
This was a monumental accomplishment – this game managed to dethrone Lineage M on the Play Store, and both ODIN: Valhalla Rising and Fifa Online on the App Store.
A mere two days later on the 31st, it acquired #1 on the Play Store, surpassing and dethroning both Lineage M and Lineage W – NCSoft’s titans of the genre.
A week after launching, Dungeon Fighter Mobile managed to simultaneously dethrone the two largest mobile games on the market, but also earn more than any other title in the month of March.. all within a few days of releasing.


This, I guarantee you, is an outcome Nexon nor Neople ever saw coming, yet at the same time, goes to show you how powerful the Dungeon Fighter intellectual property is. That even with limited advertising, this franchise is capable of outperforming a game like Lost Ark, or another franchise like Lineage.

As I noted earlier: You might not be anticipating Dungeon Fighter Mobile. I’m not personally. I’m not overly fond of mobile games – there are a few really good ones out there, and a few that I’m eagerly looking forward to.
But for the most part, they’re low quality, low effort, carbon copies of one another with highly predatory business models, preying off of the weak minded, and those of us with severe addiction issues.
While Dungeon Fighter Mobile is likely to follow the same route – and it is, don’t delude yourself into thinking it isn’t. This is Nexon we’re talking about. They publish some of the most pay to win garbage out there.
While this game will likely follow-suit, I know for a fact it is going to be a monolithic success for the franchise.

I can only hope that Project AK, that Dungeon Fighter Overkill and Duel do not follow suit.
Regardless, these numbers are too large to ignore. They’re too large for Nexon to ignore. And despite me not being a fan, is still an accomplishment that needs recognition.

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