Dragon Raja Just Launched on PC

Dragon Raja Just Launched on PC

Archosaur Games just released Dragon Raja – one of their most popular games – one of the fastest growing, and arguably most popular MMORPGs released in the last few years – until a mass exodus of players left the game after realizing there were people spending tens of thousands of dollars per month or more to get ahead of their competition.
And I played it.

Dragon Raja is an interesting hybrid of scifi and fantasy. It takes a unique approach in terms of setting, and offers a game with a borderline creepy, nonsensical narrative filled with eccentric characters, stereotypes and… well, you have to play the game to fully understand how bad this can get.

Interestingly enough, I just learned about Archosaur Games’ port of the title on PC earlier today, ahead of my scheduled Tuesday stream. Having played the mobile incarnation, I felt I was equipped to efficiently play through and gauge how good the port was. And…. it was bad. The controls were bad. The UI wasn’t altered at all, and was a 100% rip from the mobile version of the game. Floating text covered the cutscenes, with no easy way of removing it. Combat was as simple as clicking a few clunky icons on the right side of your screen.

Nothing about this PC port at first glance would convince you that this was a PC game. And without the ability to rebind your keys, it functions even worse than if I were to play this through an emulator.

Dragon Raja on PC is an abomination of a title. Sure, it’s mobile iteration might not be perfect, but it’s better than this.

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