Dragon Raja is an Incredible Looking New Mobile MMORPG

Dragon Raja is an Incredible Looking New Mobile MMORPG

Now I’ve tried my fair share of mobile games. I have. I’ve also tried plenty of mobile MMOs. Let me tell you.. this is not like any MMO I’ve ever played on my phone.
This game is not only absolutely visually stunning, but the quality of the game overall – pertaining to not only the character movements, the cutscenes, the combat, and even the character creation are so far ahead of any mobile MMO I’ve played.

There are 4 classes you can choose from: The Blade Master, the Gunslinger, the Assassin and the Soul Dancer.
Each class has their own unique weapon and their own individual playstyle. One thing worth noting before even creating your character is that the classes are not gender locked at all. Every gender can be every class.
I know how many of you hate that in pretty much everything you play. I do too – If I wanna be a male dancer, you can bet I’ll be a damn male dancer! I went female Gunslinger though because I couldn’t get over how large that cannon was.
And seeing my adorable character holding the large cannon was even better.
Like I mentioned, the character creation is really, really good. There are a plethora of options with which to customize your character – facial options, hairstyles, makeup and even your body. Yes, your body. I know exactly where your minds went with that and yes.. you can edit your characters’ assets.
What would the game be if you couldn’t? Exactly, missing something. I have no idea what that floating robot thing is by the way. Don’t ask.

The game is very, very heavily story driven. The majority of story is skippable with the exception of larger more important cutscenes. But I mean.. when cutscenes look as good as they do in Dragon Raja, why would you wanna skip them anyway?
One of the cooler features – at least regarding the story is that you’re often given multiple choices when asked questions. This normally triggers a different response out of the NPC. Unfortunately I didn’t have the option to be sassy most the time which was a little disappointing.

After making it through the beginning of the game I finally gained access to outfits. Yes, one of the most important parts of the game. Honestly I’m glad – just a little bit that Mrs Stix didn’t get given access to the game because I wouldn’t have ever gotten anything recorded.
And there are a lot of outfits – most of which look absolutely, ridiculously amazing. I had quite a few to choose from but ended up ultimately going with.. that one because.. I liked the little flingy bits on the side I guess. And it matched my hair.

Okay, so maybe I didn’t end up staying with that outfit for long. But I have so many to choose from! Don’t judge me.
Also, yes, these guys are bad guys. And no they can’t see me. But this scene right here, this is what I meant by “multiple choices.” As you can see, I have the option of either “Saving Anton” or “Letting Anton taste a bullet.”
Naturally I left him because I didn’t wanna get shot myself, but it left me wondering how drastically the story would’ve changed had I opted to save him.

Oh right, all this time and I hadn’t even talked about the combat! How did I forget that? The combat is really, really good. It’s action combat – but specific skills and attacks require a target to use. It’s fast, you have to make sure to dodge where appropriate, and.. yeah.
I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun the combat was – and it looked just as good in the cutscenes as well.

After I finished the lengthy introduction to the game I gained access to a large, a very large open world to explore. There were NPCs to take quests from, loads of monsters to fight and tons of content to partake of – like dungeons, boss monsters and.. more outfits.
The world is also interactible – you can sit on chairs, lie down and sleep. Finding all the different ways to interact with the world is part of what makes this game so much fun.

Honestly, I was very, very impressed when I played Dragon Raja. I have never played a mobile game that looked like this game, nor have I played one that plays this good.
I showed this to Mrs Stix and she looked at it in disbelief and went on to ask when it was available to play – because she wanted to try it out.

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    Allaiyah Reply
    May 20, 2021 @ 19:55 pm

    I don’t know when it becomes an MMORPG, because I’ve been playing it for a week, & it’s just a single player game with a chat box. Your character is a meaningless bistander in this game, which is based on a webnovel & at least 3 webcomics. The voice acting is fairly bad & the music is forgetable or grating. After downloading & updating, it’s just shy of being 10GB so this never should have been a mobile game. Everything you do except for fighting is automated; you’re just follwing a linear script that will take you where you need to go at the push of a button. Honestly just feels like watching an anime that pauses for quicktime events. Also, it has the ILLUSION of choice. Anton dies whether you help him or not.

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