Dragon Nest in 2020

Yup. After countless recommendations to do a video on Dragon Nest, Mrs Stix and I opted to finally download and stream the game. Thus far we’ve made it to almost level 30.
And small FYI – this is not in any way a “full review” of the Dragon Nest MMORPG – but more of a “part 1 first impression” of it, with us continuing to stream the game over on our Twitch channel.

Before we go any further though, what is Dragon Nest?
Whenever anyone talks about this game they mention how it utilizes one of the best action combat systems in an MMO – and for an Anime MMO, with the exception of PSO2 and Soul Worker, I’d definitely have to agree that this is one of the better real time action combat systems I’ve found.
Like the two aforementioned titles, Dragon Nest is also a hub-based MMORPG, providing a plethora of different instances you can run with a group of other players. These are quite varied, as are the quest hubs themselves.

Dragon Nest is a very fun MMO so far. We’ve only made it to approximately level 30-ish thus far and have only just begun to scratch the surface of the game, but we’re hoping to get to experience what makes this MMO so special to players.
There have been a ton of new updates since I last played the game several years ago with more than double the total number of classes available to players. Granted most of them are hybrids of already established classes, but it’s refreshing to see new classes in any capacity being released.
From what we’ve experienced, the combat is definitely of much higher quality than we’d expected – or in my case, remembered it being.
Graphically, the game definitely felt dated. There are many Anime MMOs that just look considerably better than Dragon Nest but this has its charm. Enough so where I can still get lost in the world and enjoy the game, its world, and the cutscenes, which admittedly are a little awkward at times.

Overall, Mrs Stix and I look forward to continuing our journey through the game and hope it continues to improve, getting better as we continue to make progress through it.

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