Dragon Nest 2: Evolution has Launched.. and is as bad as I Thought it’d be

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Has Launched!

I loved Dragon Nest. I did. I never got to play it during its peak – when it was a relevant title, but I’ve played it every year since roughly 2014 – you can imagine my surprise, then, when I saw a sequel was just released – Dragon Nest 2 – and playable on PC. I was ecstatic.
And then it dawned on me. Yes, this is Dragon Nest 2. But this isn’t the vision the original team had for the game. On the contrary, this is some weird, distorted amalgamation of the worst possible ideas condensed into a single, abomination of a game.
And not the kind of abomination where you’re like “oh this is so bad it’s actually kinda funny or quirky.” No, the kind of abomination where you’re like “Did anyone ever think to tell the dude in charge what a steaming pile of crap this is before finalizing it?”
Thankfully we still have Dragon Sword on the way – which is the real successor to the Dragon Nest IP, but this is my horrific experience in Dragon Nest 2.

At the end of the day, Dragon Nest 2 isn’t really an MMO targeted towards PC players. It’s a carbon copy mobile MMO that was ported to PC in a last ditch effort to scam more money out of PC players utilizing the Dragon Nest intellectual property as a foundation.
It’s a game built to be watched rather than played. Because no sane human bring would ever willingly play this hot mess of a game. Other than its visuals – which were a marginal improvement over its predecessor, this game has no redeeming qualities.
I could not and would not ever recommend anyone play this.

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