Dragalia Lost is a Beautiful Anime RPG

When you guys repeatedly requested I do Dragalia Lost I figured it was probably because it was a good game but this game really has a little of everything, huh?
Honestly, I’m glad I downloaded it and a little disappointed that I’d waited this long to get around to it.


Dragalia Lost is a surprisingly high quality Action RPG by Nintendo featuring a large emphasis on the story between man and dragon.
From what I experienced, the game moves along as most mobile RPGs do: Through following the story you gain access to new areas, new characters and new features.
The story was surprisingly good. Translations were perfect, the voice acting was much better than I was used to on mobile devices and combat was very fluid.
This could be due to the fact that Dragalia Lost is developed by Nintendo and they kind of have pretty high standards, or it could be because.. well, the game could just have a lotta funding, but I believe it’s the former.
Or the latter. Or, a combination of both. Yeah we’ll go with that.


Combat is pivotal to the vast majority of players’ enjoyment of a video game.
This is equally as true, if not even more so regarding mobile games because.. well, controls are often clunky on mobile devices and this makes for tedious gameplay.
Now Dragalia Lost does feature an auto-combat system that plays the encounters for you, and I’ll be the first to admit that auto-combat is definitely more efficient at the game than I am.
I’m not fond of auto-play but for the most part I feel like you don’t need it to enjoy the game.
Combat is action – or, a strange hybrid of it. I haven’t come across this kind of combat in a mobile game before but from what I’ve read, it’s apparently a form of “swipe-combat,” whatever that means.
Essentially, you use your finger to move your character, and you spam click ahead, behind, to the side of you to use your attacks.
This means you need to be actively thinking, actively aware of what’s going on and where monsters are – making for actual engaging gameplay.
Now, auto-play from what I could tell is.. well, it’s more efficient for combat itself but it had me running through traps on the ground having damage dealt to me in what would otherwise be a very easy obstacle to avoid.
It stood in AoEs from time to time as well which again, was more damage to have to heal through when it could be easily avoided otherwise.
So while auto-play is definitely a thing, it probably has equally as many cons to using it as it does pros.
There are over 60 characters total – all of which are fully voice acted that you can recruit, level and upgrade making for a lot of potential for customization.


Graphics were adorable. Beautiful character models, gorgeous environments all rendered in crisp chibi Anime form.
I got to make my way through several different zones – each a little different from one another and I’m sure the zones vary to quite a degree.
Since this is an RPG though, one with pre-determined characters each with their own backstories and voice acting, there is no character creation.
I don’t know if there’s any customization, at least physical customization options at all. Like, outfits or accessories.
But that’s understandable. Again, due to the fact that the game has a large emphasis on story and the characters located within that story.


Dragalia Lost is a ton of fun.
It’s fully voice acted – and the voice acting is quite a bit better than I expected was possible to have on mobile devices.
The game is beautiful, captivating and brimming with life. Something I believe all games should be.
The auto-play function isn’t invasive – it’s not a requirement to enjoy or progress through the game at all and at times inhibits you by not dodging.. so that’s a plus.
There’s a reason you all suggested I play this and I can see why now. It seems – keyword here being “seems” like a very good RPG for mobile devices.
I’d love to play through more of it if you guys are interested in seeing that as there seems like there’s a lot to explore and discover.

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