Dislyte Begins Banning Players for “Rerolling”

Dislyte Begins Banning Players for "Rerolling"

Yesterday I did a video concerning Dislyte and how Lilith Games were being called out for attempting to “scam” its players.
While the overwhelming majority of you agreed – and the video itself was well received, there were some ardent defenders in the comments section claiming that Dislyte is the best thing since Nacho Cheese Supreme Doritos, arguing that the company itself can do absolutely no wrong. Ahhh. Boy how wrong you were.

Now I’ve never rerolled in my life. I feel it takes far too much effort – more than I’m willing to dedicate to a game. But I know many of you do. And while this doesn’t affect me directly – I’m aware it has affected a a large number of players.

Dislyte, and Lilith Games, have begun to ban a growing number of accounts that were participating in rerolling.
Wait, what? They’re banning us for REROLLING?!” Yes, yes they are. They were very vague about what constitutes a ban, however. Over on Reddit, a thread was created that went on to elaborate a little on a discussion that was had with a Discord staff member.


“Hi, have you initialized your account multiple times? If so, frequently creating accounts or initializing accounts may affect the use of accounts. Could you please provide us your user ID or nickname? We will check for you.”
Notice how vague that is? “Were you rerolling? Because if you’ve rerolled even once, you might end up banned. Sorry not sorry.”


They further went on to note “Frequently creating accounts or initializing accounts – this may be judged as a risky behavior by the system. Thanks for understanding.”


And finally, as icing on the cake, they confirmed “We have checked your account, which has been locked until the 11th of May 2023. Thank you for understanding.”
Are you serious? Banning players for an activity that is done in every Gacha game across the genre? Going back on their pre-registration rewards earlier this week? I swear, this is a prime example of a company having no idea what they’re doing and driving their game into the ground before it even has a chance to succeed.
Holy crap. I guess for those of you that weren’t aware – be careful. You could be next.

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    Krona Reply
    May 15, 2022 @ 14:11 pm

    WTF G Rerolling has been never bannable
    Selling account is

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