Did Dislyte Just “Scam” its Players?

Did Dislyte Just "Scam" its Players?

Dislyte has been pretty hyped for the last few months, and as of yesterday, officially launched. And already, they’ve found a way to somehow insult and infuriate the entire community. Honestly, it’s almost like these games WANT to fail.

Now I haven’t been keeping up to date with what pre-registration rewards for the game were. I honestly play games just to play them – I’ve never been concerned with having the most OP characters, or re-rolling to obtain them. But I know it’s a prevalent part of the Gacha scene.
So I can understand why players are as upset as they are. When the game launched, players were supposed to receive a free multi-summon as a pre-registration reward, allowing players to re-roll until they received the heroes they wanted. This is done in literally every Gacha game that releases, for reference.
Instead of honoring that agreement, Lilith Games, the team behind Dislyte, opted to impose limitations – where players receive 2 single rolls every day for 5 days as a launch event, that you can only obtain after reaching level 5.
Their reasoning over on Discord was that this was an attempt to combat “account selling,” which is going to happen regardless, as this will definitely slow down bots a little bit, but won’t inhibit them for long, as opposed to normal players, who are going to be completely screwed over.
I get it – I understand where Lilith is coming from. Their stance on it is this: If we impose these abhorrent limitations on rerolling and obtaining heroes, what players will be forced to do instead is to ACTUALLY SPEND MONEY! Huzzah! This is BRILLIANT!
On the contrary, it’s actually going to just turn players away, and upset others who still continue to play. I mean it kinda worked with AFK Arena back when it launched, so I guess they’re happy screwing over players to boost sales in the short-term?

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    Joshua says:
    Great trailer and I want to test the game for myself...
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    Marcelo says:
    The pre registration is for mobile only. PC doesn't need that....
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    Evan says:
    really confused, "pre register" but there's nothing there to do...
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    KIZZEY says:
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    MapleSyrup Official says:
    I cannot wait for this game. Another hoyoverse game is like a present that you have to look forward ...