Destiny Child is an Incredible Looking Mobile RPG. But..

So this is one I’ve been meaning to do for a little while now. I’ve been interested in it as I’ve seen ads on it occasionally while browsing social media and people keep telling me it’s quite something to look at.
And they weren’t wrong. Not. At. All.


If it wasn’t already evident, this isn’t the musical group that had Beyonce in it before she broke out and became the “Queen B,” no.
This is, according to the developers themselves, a “simple, but fun game with attractive characters!” And that is very, very true.
It’s a level-based game, you click missions via a large map and then you proceed to do battle with varying nightmarish little monsters while trying to clear them.
The game is fully voice acted – 100% completely voice acted in Japanese whilst offering English subtitles. Which is probably for the best, honestly, as the Japanese voice acting is top-tier, like it almost always seems to be.
There is a lot of voice acting in-game – I can’t imagine how long it took to record all of this. There’s a ton of story, so much so that I actually had to skip a significant portion of it just so I could play the game.
In the first 20 minutes of playing, I fought the tutorial battle and kept clicking through text, gave up, and skipped a bunch of story so I could kill some things.
Because that’s all I want to do at the beginning of a game: Test out the combat, and see if it’s even worth pursuing.


Um.. It’s interesting.
It’s kinda turn-based, kinda real-time strategy. Iunno, I have no idea what the correct terminology for the genre is, maybe someone can elaborate on that for me. I’m still new to mobile games after all.
Basically, you had several kinds of attacks you could use.
The kind where you simply click your character’s portrait, causing them to attack using a basic attack.
Then you had a slide skill you could use that was more powerful but triggered a several second cooldown before your characters could take action again.
Then you had special “drive” attacks that you could use when you filled your gauge to max. These dealt exceptional amounts of damage, and ensured a guaranteed win early in the game.
After attacking an enemy, each character would have their action gauge depleted, needing to slowly fill it back up over the course of the next few seconds, before finally being able to take their turn.


Unfortunately not. Since this is a kind of.. story-driven strategy RPG, you take on the role of some teen? college kid? one of the two, who is looking to become the king of the.. demons? I think.
Or, well, he doesn’t want to, but he’s forced into it by the chick you saw at the beginning.
And let’s be real here, if she appeared magically before you – called you master, and offered to do anything you wanted.. yeah, that’s what I thought. Don’t question it. Or him.
But no, since you play as a character, you do not possess the ability to create or customize him.
There might be outfits for other characters, I couldn’t see the option for that but that isn’t to say there isn’t one.


Honestly, this game is beautiful.
It has some of the best character models I’ve ever seen in a mobile game, and from what I can tell, there’s quite a large variety of waifu’s to collect to create and customize your harem how you see fit.
Which is what I know a lotta you guys are after at the end of the day.
Combat was interesting to me as I haven’t really played a game with combat like this. It was a little too hands-off for me, and offered the ability to auto-combat it all with the exception of drive skills, but.. Iunno.
I probably wouldn’t be involved enough in the combat since you pretty much just click your characters’ heads whenever their turns is up and that’s the extent of the combat.

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    Justin Ballard Reply
    Sep 14, 2019 @ 4:32 am

    Fairly certain I just used you as a “friend” in battle. Unless someone else is using the name MMOByte.

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      ByteStix Reply
      Sep 14, 2019 @ 15:24 pm

      Nope, just me! LOL! Hey!

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