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Dekaron is an older free to play MMORPG with some ridiculously gory combat.

Featuring impressive graphics for an MMORPG released way back in 2007, and retaining an active population even now, Dekaron is a must play for anyone that hasn’t already tried the game out.

Dekaron is a self-proclaimed “Exrteme Action MMORPG”.

Dekaron Review - Is It Worth Playing?

Dekaron Information

The game itself is a much older, very traditional MMORPG – so you shouldn’t expect anything revolutionary in terms of core gameplay; you click to move your character, and click on the monsters to attack.
Speaking of, the combat in Dekaron is quite exceptional given when it was made and the style of game it is. I’m honestly a little perturbed at the fact that it isn’t – or wasn’t, rather, more popular than it was.

In this review however, I will be talking about a private server I had the pleasure of experiencing recently called Prime Dekaron.
It’s a server that has managed to mostly avoid the “free to play, pay to win” stigma surrounding most Eastern MMOs by placing the majority of cash shop items into the core game, making them purchasable through NPCs.

Classes and Builds

Dekaron features 9 unique classes that are designated one of three roles – Tank, DPS, and Support – like most MMORPGs.
While each class itself is fairly unique, players are given the opportunity to take control over their character in the form of individual stat points.
Making tanks deal more damage, making healers tankier, and making DPS, well.. I guess if DPS aren’t putting into their primary DPS stat then they’re kinda going to suck.
The class system itself is quite unique. As a brief example, we’ll go ahead and take the Bagi Warrior.
The Warrior is the main tank in Dekaron, having the highest natural armor and HP pool in the game, however, if you don’t want to fall in line and play how you’re supposed to, you’re more than capable of pumping into Strength and pushing out some serious damage.
As a tank. Yeah. Ever wanted to be a hulking mass of destruction that is nigh-unkillable due to an abnormally large HP pool and higher-than-average armor? There you go.


Like most games, Dekaron has an upgrading system. The kind that makes you want to kill yourself if it fails. See, upgrading from the normal +1 to +3 is fast, cheap and easy.
Upgrading to anything above that tier results in your equipment getting destroyed upon failure. While standard in a lot of Eastern MMORPGs, it is still something I absolutely detest about them.
Aesthetically, the bonuses you get from upgrading are quite impressive though – having different colored effects emanating from your gear depending on the level of upgrade.
I’ve seen this done in older MMORPGs and I feel like it’s something that is often found missing from games these days.

PvE Content

Dekaron has a tremendous amount of PvE content – and what would you expect? It’s been online for 12 years now and is still being actively updated.
As a result, there are enormous amounts of activities available in-game and still quite a large community to participate in them with.
Prime Dekaron goes a step beyond this however, creating new PvE content that even the official servers don’t have access to.

For fans of the game that have either exhausted time and effort on the official servers, you’ll be more than happy to know that Prime Dekaron doesn’t force you to level from 1 to 200 all over again.
You can jump right in at level 180 and explore the world as you progress through to level cap – making for ease of access with regards to getting to endgame content.

PvP Content

Speaking of which, As I mentioned above, there is a large amount of PvE content to engage in in addition to quests, such as instanced dungeons with varying difficulties.
Rank B, Rank A, and finally Abyss. As you increase each difficulty, the monsters strengthen, like most difficulties in MMORPGs function.
There is also quite a bit of PvP content in addition to dungeons.
You can duel other players in 1v1 duels, you can take the fight all the way to the arena, you can enlist your services in a guild and join them in battle against opposing guilds, or you can just.. kill other players indiscriminately.

Cash Shop and Pay to Win

One of the most concerning issues with Dekaron, and most Eastern free to play MMORPGs is the fact that they are heavily pay to win.
Prime Dekaron is not, as both attaining gear and upgrading gear is all completely and 100% doable without spending a single cent.
The vast majority of cash shop items are quality of life, consumable and cosmetic items to alter your outfit and appearance.
I’m not a fan of pay to win in games and it’s nice knowing that the server admins aren’t attempting to make a quick buck at players’ expense.

Final Thoughts

Prime Dekaron is a “Prime example” (Eh? Ehh? No? Okay.) of what private servers can do – and that is take something and improve on it.
They took a pay to win game that had a large playerbase wanting improvements that were never made, and appeased them. Kudos to them for that.
The game overall is a lot of fun – it’s gorey, fast, flashy and entertaining. Things I believe make a good game. Definitely recommended if you’re a veteran, or even just on the fence about trying it for the first time.

Minimum System Requirements:

Operating System: XP / Vista / 7 / 8
CPU: Intel Dual Core 2.4 GHz or AMD equivalent
Video Card: GeForce 8600 GT or ATI equivalent
Hard Disk Space: 10 GB

Recommended System Requirements:

Operating System: XP / Vista / 7 / 8
CPU: Intel i5 2400 or better
Video Card: GeForce 560 TI or better
Hard Disk Space: 10 GB

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    Mar 20, 2018 @ 7:24 am

    I have been watching your reviews for sometime now because im am interested in what games are worth playing. Big fan of action combat as opposed to tab targeting but hard to find a really good one. Even Tera is just ok as far as overall quality. Was hoping for a review of how actual gameplay is in Dekaron but instead both if you were not serious about reporting that and just acted ridiculously silly. Dont get me wrong. I like silly, but when it us ridiculous and there is no actual review of the game it is just a waste of my time.

    I know you guys can do better. I have seen it where you both have fun and give a quality review of the gameplay and sometimes quality reviews on why or not the game could be worth looking into. Please get back to that. I look forward ti seeing a better review next time si i can continue to subscribe.


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